Colorado U. Journalism School closes; what went wrong?

By Lee Kamlet
Dean, School of Communications 

I have decidedly mixed feelings about the decision by the University of Colorado Board of Regents to shut down the School of Journalism.

As a Colorado native, it strikes me as being one more giant loss in my home state, which not so long ago saw the demise of the Rocky Mountain News, which I read cover to cover, along with the Denver Post, as I was growing up.

I once considered going to CU for their journalism program, but circumstances lead me to make a different choice.

Skip forward to the present.  As the dean of the School of Communications at Quinnipiac University, I wonder what went wrong at CU.  According to the Boulder Daily Camera, Gary Burandt, an advertising executive who is on the journalism school’s advisory board, said that in job interviews, he hears from CU students — and those at other journalism schools across the country — that they’re ill-prepared.

Michael Suleiman, an advertising major who will be graduating from CU next month, told the paper he thinks the school can do a better job teaching digital skills — such as search engine optimization and website building. He has both a job and an internship with Boulder companies that are centered on social-media networking, yet just one of his courses taught him applicable skills, he said.

Anyone looking for solid grounding in the skills they will need in the new world of media and social networking, need look no further than Quinnipiac, where were are teaching students not only how to navigate the ever-changing media world, but how to do it while still maintaining the fundamentals of journalism.

Too many people and places in media look at the future and say the sky is falling.  At Quinnipiac, we’re embracing the future, and developing new ideas that will take us boldly into the future.

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