Old, new media blend to offer comprehensive Osama bin Laden coverage

By Lee Kamlet
Dean, School of Communications 

Last night, I took in the news of Osama bin Laden’s death in 3-D, which is saying something, since I don’t own a 3-D television.

Having been awakened by my son to turn on cable news, I surfed from one channel to the next, adding new details with each click of the remote.

At the same time, I turned on my iPad and flipped through endless tweets, and scanned through a number of websites, in order to add to my understanding of what was going on.  Still wanting more, I reached for a nearby radio and listened to extended special reports on CBS and ABC.

It was a perfect blend of old and new media, giving me everything I wanted to know, when I wanted it.  Each platform offered a slightly different perspective, which added to my fuller understanding of events, almost in real time.

What stood out for me was the context provided by my former colleagues, seasoned journalists who have been covering terrorism both at home and overseas, since 9/11.  These women and men have dedicated themselves, and often risked their lives, so that we can get a complete understanding of historic events.

At a time when news organizations are struggling with tight budgets and stiff competition, it is events like this that demonstrate just how important the role of journalist is to our society.

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