Dispatch from Afghanistan: Professor reports on observations following attack

Tim Malloy, journalist in residence in the School of Communications, is in Afghanistan. He shares his observations following an attack on the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul on Tuesday:

By Tim Malloy
Journalist in Residence reporting from Bagram Airfield, 60 miles north of Kabul

Over the last few hours, there has been a dramatic pick-up in helicopter and aircraft activity from the base, presumably in support of rescue and medical evacuations.

I was in Kabul today a few hours before the attack in a Blackhawk helicopter with a U.S. Army medical team that was evacuating injured U.S. Army soldiers and Afghan soldiers from forward operating bases, dropping the Afghan injured at the Kabul Medical Center”

The base hospital will no doubt receive injured people from the Mumbai-style attack because it has arguably the best trauma unit in the world, given the injuries they address on a daily basis.

You may watch a video Malloy made while flying over Kabul with injured U.S. soldiers following an IED blast a few hours before the hotel attack.


Malloy is a 30-year veteran of news reporting and is on his sixth embed in Afghanistan/ Iraq.

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