Student pens book, ‘I Wish I Knew It Before Going to College’

Gabbriel Simone

Gabbriel Simone, of Branford, a graduate student in the School of Business at Quinnipiac University, is publishing a new book, “I Wish I Knew It Before Going to College” (Morgan James Publishing). Simone earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting in 2010.

Scheduled for release in January 2012, the book is a compilation of excerpts, one-liners and stories taken from hundreds of college students’ answers to, “I wish I knew it, before going to college.”

“There were a number of times in college when I thought, ‘I wish someone had told me what I was getting myself into,’ ” Simone said. “I didn’t realize how to take advantage of the opportunities at college until I was half way done with it. College isn’t just going to class and partying. This book teaches you how to take advantage of the amazing opportunities. It also informs you of all of the opportunities to fail at college.”

Among the topics she covers in the book are:

  • I wish I knew that you could be whoever you wanted. College is a fresh start.
  • I wish I knew there was more to college than just the classroom.
  • I wish I knew not to trust anyone too quickly. First impressions aren’t always what they seem.
  • I wish I knew how hard it was going to be to not be an athlete.
  • I wish I knew that people could make reputations for themselves in one weekend.
  • I wish I knew that everyone is at least a little scared before going to college.
  • I wish I knew that I didn’t need to buy every dorm accessory.
  • I wish I knew how to say “no.”
  • I wish I knew that there are a lot of kids in college who never drank in high school. I always thought I was going to be the only one.
  • I wish I knew how quickly relationships could get out of hand.
Simone discussed her book on Aug. 17, when she was a guest on the “FOX CT Morning News.” You may watch the interview here.

Here are two excerpts from those who contributed to the book…..

Choosing A Major

“I wish I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I wish I had explored all of my options before choosing a major. I just picked a major because it was a subject I enjoyed learning about. I never thought about what types of jobs I could get from it.  I should have met with professors to talk about career options in other fields. I should have done research on job placement for certain majors. I should have talked with upper classmen about what their classes were like and what kinds of opportunities they had. I didn’t do any of that and now I am a senior and don’t want to do anything with what I’ve been studying for the last four years of college. Sorry Mom and Dad.”

More Classes, Harder Classes

“I wish I knew that classes get harder as you get older. I wish I knew to work as hard as I could my freshman and sophomore years, because those were the easiest classes. That would have been an easy way to bring up my GPA early.  As you get older, you add more to your plate, the biggest piece being the job search. Looking for a job and networking with people takes a lot of time. Classes aren’t always first priority as you begin doing job interviews and work on getting your foot in the ‘real world.’ By working hard the first couple of years, your GPA should be solid. Not getting all A’s as a junior and senior won’t hurt you overall. Consider this… every May, every year there are thousands and thousands of college students graduating which means there are thousands and thousands of young adults looking for work. Having a 4.0 GPA and a diploma isn’t enough to get you a job these days. You need to have more on your resume. So, focus on academics the first couple of years so you can spread your wings a little as you get older and not have to stress about getting your GPA back up.”

The book will be available for sale in all major book stores, eBooks and through

Pre-sales will be made available at the end of August, 2011.

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