University will be closed on Sunday, Aug. 28

Members of the Emergency Management Team met several time this past week to assess the threat Hurricane Irene poses to the university. They are continuing to monitor the storm throughout the weekend.

With Hurricane Irene intensifying and the likelihood of it impacting New Haven County early Sunday, the university will be closed on Sunday, Aug. 28. All activities and programs on each of the three campuses are canceled. In addition, the Arnold Bernhard and School of Law Center libraries will remain closed.

The Dining Hall on the Mount Carmel Campus will be open from 8 a.m.-10 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 27, and Sunday, Aug. 28. In addition, Campus Security and Student Health Services on the Mount Carmel Campus will remain open around the clock.

Undergraduate and graduate classes are scheduled to begin on Monday, Aug. 29.

Stay abreast of the university’s latest communications about the storm by registering your cell phone with the QU Broadcast Alert System. Register here (Quinnipiac login and password required). Please continue to monitor MyQ, the Quinnipiac website, Quinnipiac’s Facebook page and QuinnipiacU on Twitter for the latest updates from the university.

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