Freshmen, seniors: Help us help you

Quinnipiac is always interested in improving our students’ education and overall experience, and periodically asks them to help us by participating in an online standardized assessment test.

Participation, which is entirely voluntary but highly encouraged, helps both the participants and the university. It can aid in educational planning and help students prepare for graduate school entrance exams or employment. Twenty-one percent of undergraduate alumni and 43 percent of graduate alumni indicated their employer required a standardized test as part of the hiring process.

The assessment, which is focused on full-time freshmen and seniors who spent all four years at Quinnipiac, helps us evaluate our education programs, especially writing, mathematics, reading and critical thinking as taught through the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences.  The university will be able determine how effective students are learning as the same exam is administered to the freshman and senior classes.

Students may take the 40-minute timed exam at the date and time of their choosing. Mac users should take the ETS Proficiency Profile at the Internet Café on the second floor of the Arnold Bernhard Library.

We ask participants to take the test seriously in a comfortable, distraction-free environment.

Only group-level results will be reported, which will help the university to:

  • Make curricular improvements
  • Produce evidence for accreditation purposes, including regional accreditation that allows Quinnipiac to award student financial aid
  • Make accurate quality claims to employers and graduate schools.

Participants will be entered into a raffle for prizes that include:

  • 42-inch flat screen televisions
  • iPad 2
  • $250 donation to any recognized charity/student organization
  • $100 Q-Cash or AMEX gift card

But please hurry. The test must be completed by Oct. 31.

More details are on MyQ.

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