ABC News was right not to hold story with Gingrich’s second wife

By Lee Kamlet
Dean, School of Communications 

Even before last night’s ABC News interview with Newt Gingrich’s second wife, Marianne, there was talk of a tense debate within the news division about when to broadcast it, as it was almost certain to have an impact on the Republican Primary tomorrow in South Carolina.

I have not been privy to the internal debate at ABC News, nor spoken to my former colleagues about it.

That said, in my view, a news story should be withheld on only rare occasions.  It might be justified if the national security is threatened, or if a person’s life would be put in danger if a story is published or broadcast.  Neither is the case here.

The standard should be pretty simple:  If it’s news, and if it is accurate and fair, it should be broadcast, regardless of the timing.  The voters can decide its relevance to their decision.

Please click here to read the dean’s full perspective on the School of Communications’ blog.

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