Reunion holds special place in alumna’s heart

By Dana Coseglio ‘04

Dana Coseglio smiles with her husband, Greg Doucette, on our academic quad on our Mount Carmel Campus during Reunion Weekend on June 23. Greg, who met Dana at the university, proposed to his now wife on the steps of our Arnold Bernhard Library at an alumni weekend two years ago.

“Home is where the heart is” is a famous quote that has been used in music lyrics, movies and greeting cards. Yet, “home” means something different for each person.

Please click here to see photos from this year’s reunion weekend.

New Jersey is my birthplace; I often refer to it as my home. It was my first home. It’s where my family can be found.

At 18, I found my second home at Quinnipiac with another family that I am truly blessed to have.

From the moment I stepped back on its picturesque Mount Carmel Campus this weekend for reunion, I knew I was home.

It was an amazing weekend relaxing on the quad like I had done so many times before. I enjoyed watching people welcoming each other with warm embraces, laughing at stories, taking group pictures, throwing Frisbees and otherwise enjoying campus life.

As we enjoyed the beautiful weather, listened to the alumni band play and savored delicious food, we made new memories we will surely recall and share at future meetings. It was a surreal experience to have the opportunity to stay in a residence hall again.

Returning home always brings a good feeling to the heart. Quinnipiac, like any home, has a mixture of memories, but no matter what, Quinnipiac is our home.

Don’t forget all that Quinnipiac has given you – not just the great education that may have prepared you for the industry you are in today but all of the friendships and memories that were nurtured here. For some of us, the relationships that started have led to marriage and a family.

Every experience you have in life helps to make you who you are today. Quinnipiac was the setting of many of your life experiences.

So I ask you: Why haven’t you gone back to visit your home? Don’t you think it’s time?

I hope to see you at reunion weekend next year.

Editor’s note: Greg Doucette proposed to Dana on the steps of the Arnold Bernhard Library during alumni weekend in 2010. Dana and Greg met in Ledges their freshmen year and dated throughout their time as undergraduate and graduate students at Quinnipiac. They got married on July 10, 2011. Alumni Katie Doyle Mangano and Renee Escarvage were bridesmaids. 

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