Professor Kimberly Hartmann honored with Excellence in Teaching Award


Kimberly Hartmann, professor and chair of occupational therapy in the School of Health Sciences, is helping to prepare students for a rapidly changing world.

VIDEO: Hartmann offers insight on effective teaching.

Hartmann has been recognized for her efforts with the university’s most prestigious academic honor, the Excellence in Teaching Award. She will be honored at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Service to Students ceremony on Oct. 25 in the Recreation Center on the Mount Carmel Campus.

“Hartmann was instrumental in establishing the Center for Interprofessional Healthcare Education at Quinnipiac University,” wrote Catherine Meriano, professor of occupational therapy; Barbara Nadeau, clinical assistant professor of occupational therapy; Rosanna Tufano, clinical associate professor of occupational therapy; and Tracy Van Oss, clinical assistant professor of occupational therapy. “The center has already funded interprofessional faculty projects and, in January, held an Interprofessional Faculty Development program: ‘Designing and Implementing Interprofessional Health Educational and Scholarly Endeavors.’ By implementing this form of education into the teaching environment, the students are provided with a model of best practices as well as unique and professional learning opportunities.”

However Hartmann’s work does not stop there.

“Hartmann continuously seeks out and promotes professional development opportunities for students,” Hartmann’s colleagues wrote. “In addition to helping students link co-curricular experiences to classroom learning, these activities empowered students, leading them to take on a more active role in their own learning and professional development.”

Hartmann, a Quinnipiac alumna who has taught at the university since 1984, has always strived to make a difference in the lives of her students.

“Every year, the students have new challenges,” she said. “I love seeing the students do things that I never thought of – and I love to see them graduate and go on to do things that are fantastic.”

In order to be successful at helping students to reach their potential, Hartmann said faculty must change with the students.

“I try to show new faculty that if they are doing the same thing two semesters in a row, they need to step back and ask themselves why. Are they doing it because they know it was effective for students or are they doing it because they already prepared the lecture and are moving on,” she asked. “It’s a privilege for us to teach. We have the responsibility to keep it fresh, to keep it challenging and to figure out what the challenges of the students and then meet those needs.”

When not teaching, Hartmann said she enjoys watching NASCAR and making quilts for family and friends.

“I really enjoy the creation, the puzzle, and putting the big picture together,” she said. “My husband thinks it’s hysterical that I have made 97 quilts and I don’t have a single one in our home.”

In addition to Hartmann, the following individuals will be recognized at the awards dinner: Mohammad Elahee, professor of international business in the School of Business; Dorothy Lauria, registrar; Kristen Richardson, laboratory instructor in the College of Arts and Sciences; Janice Wachtarz, associate vice president for information services; and Sharlene Walbaum, professor of psychology in the College of Arts and Sciences.

This is the 10th year the center has presented the awards.

These honorees – selected from a pool of nominations by faculty, staff, students, alumni and parents – will have their names engraved on a stone sculpture on display in the Arnold Bernhard Library. The recipients also will be recognized at a reception with the board of trustees, receive a cash prize and be featured in a promotional brochure to be used throughout the year in Quinnipiac’s public relations activities.

The Center for Excellence, established in 2002, helps Quinnipiac achieve its educational mission, consistent with its three core values: high-quality academic programs, a student oriented environment and a sense of community. The center supplements Quinnipiac’s existing professional development programs by sponsoring workshops and seminars, and conducting surveys to address strengths and weaknesses regarding service to students.

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