University celebrates opening of Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum, Músaem an Ghorta Mhóir with speakers, concert

  1. Here is a snapshot of some of the conversation surrounding the festivities:
  2. SenBlumenthal
    Profound beauty & meaning in the art at Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum thx to Pres John Lahey of @QuinnipiacU, a lesson in history & humanity
  3. NiallGibbons
    Proud to attend opening of the the Great Hunger Museum at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut. Well done to all involved @QuinnipiacU
  4. @QuinnipiacU Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum opening. #instagram #quinnipiacu #Ireland #connecticut #Hamden #art #sculpture #famine #Ireland’sGreatHungerMuseum #painting
  5. IrelandEmbUSA
    Hunger museum puts focus on art about the Famine via @IrishTimes
  6. HamdenPatch
    Quinnipiac’s Irish Hunger museum opens Oct. 11 but was dedicated Friday night. I’d highly recommend checking it…
  7. Drezey
    DROPKICK MURPHYS #concert #dkm #dropkick #murphys #hardcore #upclose #sexy #close
  8. RealAntDec
    Working backstage at #dropkickmurphys at @quinnipiacu #dropkickqu #band #irish #cool #vip #allaccess #colors
  9. QuinnipiacU
    News of Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum is appearing in news outlets across America, including the Washington Post –
  10. RealAntDec
    #staff #stage #stagecrew #dropkickqu #dropkickmurphys #backstage #quinnipiac @quinnipiacu #lights #media
  11. QUChronArtsLife
    @ChristineBurr interviewed @DropkickMurphys and @blackfortyseven about their performance at @QuinnipiacU this Friday!
  12. QUSGA
    Still want to go and see Dropkick Murphy’s? We have 1 ticket! First person to tweet at @QUSGA gets a free floor ticket!
  13. Q30Television
    Q30 members interview President Lahey in the Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum to talk about it’s grand opening.
  14. QuinnipiacU
    The stage is taking shape on Lender Court ahead of tonight’s Dropkick Murphys and Black 47 concert.
  15. newsgirlct
    Irish political leader Gerry Adams speaks about new museum, catastrophic ‘Irish Hunger’ @QuinnipiacU (video) #Ireland
  16. KDatQuinnipiac
    We hope our sisters had a good time at the Dropkick Murphy’s concert.
  17. irishamerica
    Will we see you at the @DropkickMurphys and @blackfortyseven concert at @QuinnipiacU tomorrow? #IrelandsGreatHungerMuseum
  18. QUChronicle
    Volunteers help prepare for tonight’s Dropkick Murphy’s/Black 47 concert
  19. QuinnipiacU
    It may be dark out but work is already underway ahead of tonight’s sold-out Dropkick Murphys and Black 47 concert.
  20. PhotoByNewman
    @DropkickMurphys perform at @QUAthletics University for a few thousand lucky fans. Gallery –
  21. JoshPowers
    Heading to @QuinnipiacU to help set up for the Dropkick Murphys concert tonight! It’s going to be great!
  22. JoshPowers
    TD Bank Sports center is busy this morning getting ready for @QuinnipiacU’s Dropkick Murphys concert tonight!
  23. RebeccaCastagna
    Dropkick Murphys concert @quinnipiacu with @mmoschetta and @sassasanda!
  24. kirakira243
    I feel important with my flashlight @quinnipiacu #DropkickMurphys #concert #volnteering
  25. QuinnipiacU
    PHOTO: Meet some of the students who helped make Friday’s @DropkickMurphys/@blackfortyseven concert a success –

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