Dean Susan McTiernan offers insight on wage gap for women

The American Association of University Women reports that female graduates are getting 18 percent less than males.

Susan McTiernan, associate dean for graduate programs in the School of Business, is available to comment.

McTiernan says, “The study in question is a particularly interesting one because it measures individuals early in their careers, when the usual reasons attributed to lower salaries for women, for example those associated with leaving the workforce to have children, do not apply. A pay gap of almost 7% still existed, leaving us to consider other, and very troubling, reasons for why this gap exists even now when so many more women are college educated and years after they entered the work force in large numbers.

“Unfortunately, questions around women’s ability to negotiate as well as men when it comes to salaries, the expectations of hiring managers and women themselves and general societal norms are reasons that have to be considered for the continuation of the pay gap dilemma. This is also a matter that has not captured the full interest of political or corporate leadership, largely because these populations are also mostly men.

“Until society and the political infrastructure recognize this longstanding injustice, it is likely that nothing material will change. Women can help themselves to some extent by learning better negotiation strategies and valuing their contributions more, but no one alone can change this long held practice.”

To reach McTiernan, please call John Morgan, associate vice president for public relations, at 203-582-5359.

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