President John L. Lahey named among the most influential

President John L. Lahey was named one of the 50 most influential people by New Haven Living magazine.

“Lahey initiated a strategic planning process for Quinnipiac, leading to unprecedented growth in its enrollment, academic programs, reputation and facilities,” the article in the December 2012 issue states. “The physical plant has expanded from 100 to 604 acres with the addition of the York Hill and North Haven campuses. Quinnipiac’s sports programs moved to Division I and the TD Bank Sports Center was constructed. A law school was added and a medical school is in the works.”

New Haven Living also recognizes Lahey’s development of  the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute and acquisition of 1220 AM WQUN. It cites his many philanthropic and leadership roles throughout the United States.

New Haven Living drew nominations from its readers. An editorial committee considered all nominations representing “all kinds of backgrounds and walks of life” before compiling the list.

“The common denominator is that we felt each MIP had an important role in shaping, or reshaping, how life is lived in Greater New Haven or what face it shows to the outside world,” the magazine states. “We wanted readers to think about who is laboring, not just in front of the cameras but behind the scenes, to make our world a little bit better of a place to live.”

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