Professor Angela Mattie offers insight on the United Health Foundation’s 2012 America’s Health Rankings

Mattie,AngelaThe United Health Foundation released its 2012 America’s Health Rankings on Dec. 11. The report showed that Americans are living longer due to several medical advances, but unhealthy behavior and preventable illness threaten quality of life, among other findings. The report also ranked states in terms of health.

Angela Mattie, associate professor of management and chair of health care management and organizational leadership in the School of Business, is available to comment.

Mattie says, “Connecticut’s move from the 4th healthiest state to now the 6th is not exactly cause for alarm although not the direction we should be going. Behavior and lifestyle choices are significant predictors of health. According to these data, both rates of obesity and diabetes have increased in this state while the good news smoking rates have declined.

“Health is closely tied to socioeconomic status. It is not surprising Connecticut rates as one of the healthiest states; however, where poverty exists and behavior choices are poor-declines in health will be noted. We should all remember that there are pockets in the state where poverty is high, insurance coverage non-existent and indicators of health status such as infant mortality are not what they should be.”

To schedule an interview with Mattie, please call John Morgan, associate vice president for public relations, at 203-206-4449.

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