School of Education juniors inspired by Sandy Hook heroes


Jocelyn Maminta of News 8 and her photographer Ken Melech interviewed School of Education students about their thoughts on the teaching profession following the tragedy in Sandy Hook. From left are: Nina Shewokis, Victoria Formica, Alexander Burgos and Chris Caldari. (Photo by John Morgan, associate vice president for public relations.)

News 8, WTNH-TV, spoke with several of our School of Education juniors about the teaching profession following the tragedy in Sandy Hook.

Among their thoughts:

Nina Shewokis: “You have a huge impact on every part of their lives. You want to be part of that. You want to be ale to make a difference.”

Victoria Formica: “You would hope that if you are ever put in that same situation, you would do the same thing for your kids because when you are a teacher, they are like your kids, you want to protect them as much as you can.”

Alex Burgos: “I had such great history teachers. They just made me want to take what I learned from them and pass it onto other people.”

Chris Caldari: “You never really think about the unexpected but life is crazy. Sometimes they throw in curve balls. I guess you just gotta adjust, if circumstance happens, that you have to deal with something like that, you have to be ready for it.”

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