Professor David Cadden offers insight on Pratt & Whitney’s decision to cut 200 salaried positions

caddenPratt & Whitney announced on Jan. 15 that they will be cutting 200 employees in Connecticut.

David Cadden, a professor of management in the School of Business, is available to comment.

“Pratt & Whitney is experiencing what is an all too familiar phenomenon in the aerospace industry – cyclical sales,” Cadden said. “Products go through their life cycles of demand; rising and falling as the technology becomes dated. Several engines are no longer in great demand and Pratt & Whitney has chosen to limit costs by reducing both hourly and salary employees. It is unfortunate for these people since the future for P&W’s next generation of engines for the military’s F-35 fighter and their geared turbine engine for commercial aircraft seems quite promising.”

If you’re interested in interviewing Cadden, please contact John Morgan, associate vice president for public relations at Quinnipiac University, 203-206-4449 (cell) or 203-582-5359 (office).

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