New Haven Register: ‘Quinnipiac men’s hockey team should be the consensus No. 1 team in America’

bobcats-fansThe New Haven Register published a column on Feb. 6 stating: “The Quinnipiac men’s hockey team should be the consensus No. 1 team in America. The case for the Bobcats is overwhelming. Yet they sit second behind Minnesota in both the and USA Today polls. And that is absurd.”

Among the column’s arguments:

  • Quinnipiac hasn’t lost a game since Nov. 6, a time when most around here had only just received power back after Hurricane Sandy. The unbeaten streak has stretched through Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, the presidential inauguration and Groundhog Day. Today begins month FOUR of a streak now at 19. As of today, no other team has gone more than six games since last losing.
  • Quinnipiac has more wins than Minnesota (19 to 18) and the best winning percentage in the nation. The Bobcats are 9-0 against top 20 opponents, including a sweep of Nebraska-Omaha, a team that happens to be ahead of Minnesota in the Western Collegiate Hockey Association standings.
  • While the Bobcats are running away in their conference (12-0-2 in ECAC play), Minnesota is third in the WCHA standings and owns the second-best winning percentage in its league behind leader St. Cloud State. Voters feel the Gophers are the best team in the country, yet they aren’t even in first-place in their own league.
  • Quinnipiac is first in the Pairwise Rankings, which help determine the seeds for the NCAA tournament. They are first in KRACH, a more complex mathematical formula that includes an individual team’s strength of schedule. They are first in the Ratings Percentage Index.

“Is it ignorance? Bias? Fear of change? Lack of name recognition? It’s likely a mixture of everything,” the column concludes. “It’s all irrelevant when it comes to the national poll. All that matters is what a team is doing right now. Minnesota is clearly one of the best in the country. But Quinnipiac has earned the right to be No. 1. And it’s anything but insignificant.”

Please click here to read the full column.

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