Hamden Mayor Scott Jackson sends message to residents


Hamden Mayor Scott Jackson speaks with students earlier this academic year in this file photo.

Hi this is Mayor Scott Jackson with a storm update for Monday covering town and school closings, road-clearing efforts and important safety announcements. The text of this message will be available at www.hamden.com.

All Hamden Public Schools and buildings, including the libraries will remain closed on Tuesday.

Of course, Public Works, Police, Fire, Emergency Services and the Mayor’s Office will remain open.

We will post a street list later this evening at www.hamden.com that shows what has been done. We understand that the streets that have been made passable will require additional clearing. We are currently projecting that we will have 90 percent of Hamden roads passable by midnight tomorrow and 99 percent completed by Wednesday afternoon.

This is the first step in making all roads passable. The overall clean-up will involve moving the large masses of snow off the streets and into town parks and other safe locations. This process is slow but is the only way to clear roads with an eye toward protecting from further storms and future flooding from melting snow.

The National Guard is now on the scene assisting our EMS crews and Public Works crews have remained on duty since Friday morning. Please understand that our first priority continues to be assisting Police, Fire and medical emergencies. Such emergencies could slow the process, but we won’t stop until we are done and I’m sure you agree that safety must come first.

A few safety updates: As more roads become passable, it’s still advisable to stay home as much as possible. When you do go out, please pay extra care when turning onto busy streets as sight lines are severely impacted. On major arteries, keep an eye out for cars that may be turning blindly. The National Guard is assisting Fire Rescue operations and has begun helping residents with prescription runs and other pressing medical needs. Please call 203-230-4000 for assistance.

Be safe shoveling and be aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning and if you have elderly neighbors, I encourage you to check in on them.

We now know that this was our largest snow fall in over a century.

We have been very fortunate to have made it through as a community with no major power outages, no loss of life and no significant property damage.

Let’s be smart, let’s be patient and let’s be safe. We will update you tomorrow night. Please be sure to visit www.hamden.com for periodic updates.

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