2004 Undergraduate Commencement speaker Robin Roberts returns to ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’

107_0735Robin Roberts, Quinnipiac University‘s 2004 Undergraduate Commencement speaker and honorary degree recipient, returned to ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Feb. 20 after a six-month leave for a bone marrow transplant.

During her 2004 visit, she told our graduates that they already had the formula for success.

“This moment in your life is something you have thought about and worked for,” she said. “Whatever you did to reach this point in your life, all you have to do is apply those same principles to whatever challenge is before you.”

She encouraged our graduates to take initiative.

“Proximity is power,” she said. “You have to put yourself in position for good things to happen to you.”

As she looked out over our sea of graduates from the steps of our Arnold Bernhard Library, she seemed inspired.

“My fellow graduates of the Class of 2004 of Quinnipiac, you being here signifies to me that you have put yourself in position for good things to happen to you,” she said. “Continue to be willing to make sacrifices and I ask you to never lose sight of the big picture. Continue to dream big, think big and focus on the small. You already made the right choice by coming to an institution like this that truly cares about you and that has encouraged you to be creative in your thinking. “

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