Student studying in Rome: ‘Last night has a historic moment I will never forget and am blessed I was in Italy to witness it all’


Several of our students studying abroad this semester in Rome have seen history in the making. Here, crowds fill St. Peter’s Square to celebrate the new pope. (Photo by Micaela Pascale ’14.)

By Nicole Siberry ’14
Journalism major

Being in Rome during the conclave and Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation has been quite remarkable.

Living literally a block away from the Vatican, I have had the pleasure of witnessing Pope Benedict XVI’s last Ash Wednesday Mass and last night saw the white smoke around 7 p.m. with my own eyes.

Standing in the center of the Vatican surrounded by the citizens of Rome was an image I will forever remember and I was truly blessed to be able to share that moment last night with my mom, who is here visiting this week.

Rome has been full of camera crews and news reporters since Pope Benedict XVI resigned and my walk to school has been interrupted by a few reporters looking for an interview.

Quinnipiac has provided me with the knowledge of a community and more specifically a global community.

Being a part of this momentous night in history has made me feel like I am part of the Italian community.

The flags waving, the crowd shouting “Viva il Papa”, and seeing the new pope Francesco for the first time along with thousands of people made me feel like I was truly part of the community here.

Last night has a historic moment I will never forget and am blessed I was in Italy to witness it all.

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