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Famine Ship Behan 2010 scan 2Forbes praised Quinnipiac University‘s efforts to educate the public about the mass emigration of the Irish during the great Famine.

“Quinnipiac University has just opened Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum, the first museum in North America solely devoted to the Irish Famine,” the article states. “Long passionate about the subject, Quinnipiac president John Lahey eventually inspired the ear of bagel entrepreneur Murray Lender who helped make the museum a reality. Its trove of historical artifacts is complemented by a powerful range of Famine-related  artworks – including skeletons rising from a coffin before the British lord responsible for Irish relief efforts, and a bronze model of  John Behan’s  iconic  “Famine Ship” which looms before the County Mayo pilgrimage mountain of Croagh Patrick.”

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