School of Law Professor William Dunlap available to comment on new arrests in Boston bombings

dunlapBill Dunlap, a professor in the Quinnipiac University School of Law, is available to comment on the arrests of the three new suspects who were arrested in connection with the Boston Marathon bombing case.

A faculty member since 1983, Dunlap teaches constitutional, criminal, national security, counterterrorism and international law. He studied at the National Security Law Institute at the University of Virginia and the Parker School for Foreign and Comparative Law at Columbia Law School and has been a visiting scholar at Yale Law School and the Institute for Advanced Legal Studies at the University of London. He is a former chair of the Section on Admiralty and Maritime Law and of the Section on International Law of the Association of American Law Schools. After law school, he practiced first amendment law and international commercial litigation and arbitration at the Coudert Brothers law firm in New York. Before law school, he was a newspaper editor and a public radio host and producer in New York. He frequently gives public lectures and advises the media on current legal issues.

To schedule an interview with Dunlap, please call John Morgan, associate vice president for public relations, at 203-206-4449 (cell).

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