Professor offers insight on new state report about 18 hospital executives earning more than $1 million


Eighteen Connecticut hospital executives received pay packages valued at more than $1 million last fiscal year, as many of the state’s acute care providers saw their financial performance improve from a year earlier, according to the Hartford Business Journal’s reporting on a new Office of Health Care Access report.

Angela Mattie, an associate professor in the Health Care Management and Organizational Leadership Department in the School of Business at Quinnipiac University, is available to comment on the report. She said the position of CEO at an acute care hospital is complex, challenging and difficult.

“At first blush, the over 1 million dollar salaries of Connecticut hospital executives seems outrageous,” Mattie said. “However, compared to CEO salaries in other industries these numbers are relatively modest. These salaries are also comparable to other states’ hospital executives.

“Considering the increasing demands on hospitals and the increasing complexity of the healthcare system, we will need to continue to attract highly skilled individuals,” she said. “Adequate and fair compensation is one method to assure we continue to attract those individuals with highly developed leadership and financial skills and with a focus on patient safety and healthcare quality.

“It is a highly sensitive year for acute care hospitals given the anticipated budget cuts and continued decline in reimbursements,” Mattie added. “Perhaps as a gesture on the part of hospital CEOs-refusing a raise-would go a long way in getting past the negative perception of their salaries and allow the focus on where it should be: how do we continue to improve the system and improve patient care?”

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