Professor Emeritus Martin Margulies quoted in TechNewsWorld article on hate speech on Facebook

Martin Margulies, professor emeritus in the School of Law at Quinnipiac University, was quoted extensively in a TechNewsWorld article about Facebook’s struggle to control hate speech.

Some advertisers, such as Nissan and Nationwide, recently canceled advertising campaigns with the social media giant after their advertisements appeared near objectionable content.

Facebook said it wants its network to be a place where ideas could be shared, but will not tolerate hate speech.

“Far from curtailing First Amendment rights, the advertisers have a First Amendment right of their own — to ask Facebook to reject or distance them from speech that they deem offensive,” Margulies was quoted saying.

“And Facebook, a private actor, likewise has a First Amendment right to decide how to respond — by rejecting the advertisers’ pressure or by yielding to it,” Margulies said. “They do not violate the First Amendment if they choose to do the latter.”

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