New Haven Register showcases Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine’s efforts to help reduce nationwide shortage of general practitioners


Our Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine is slated to open in August.

The New Haven Register showcased our Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine‘s efforts to guide students toward reducing a nationwide shortage of general practitioners.

“Quinnipiac University is looking to make a difference as it prepares to open its new medical school,” the article states.

Dr. Bruce M. Koeppen, founding dean of our medical school, told the daily newspaper that perhaps more than the high-tech classrooms and realistic examination and operating rooms, he is most proud of the Medical Student Home program.

The program, known simply as MESH, places medical students into professional settings only a few months into their first semester — primarily with doctors who specialize in internal medicine. The internists, the Register reports, are the same doctors patients are most likely to see the most often.

“We are targeting primary care sites because part of our mission is to try to train the primary care work force of the future,” Koeppen told the newspaper. “And so we hope that, by placing our students in these sites, they develop a positive mentoring relationship with their physician that will foster their interest, maintain their interest, and hopefully cause the student to seriously consider a career in primary care medicine.”

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