Professor: If Weiner’s wife wants to stay with him, that’s her decision, but she’s wrong to claim the scandal is a private matter

Lisa BurnsIn the wake of a 2011 scandal involving her husband, former U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin has remained supportive and helped engineer Weiner’s comeback as a candidate in the upcoming New York City mayoral race. Abedin is a former Hillary Clinton adviser. Weiner resigned from Congress after acknowledging having sexual conversations with at least a half-dozen women. New revelations about the scandal have emerged in recent days.

Lisa Burns, professor of communications and chairwoman of media studies, is available to comment. The author of “First Ladies and the Fourth Estate,” Burns has written extensively about first ladies.

Burns says, “If Huma Abedin has forgiven her husband and wants to stay with him, that’s her decision — but I disagree with her claim that this is a private family matter. Her husband has shown incredibly poor decision-making by continuing to send sexually-explicit messages to women who are not his wife after he resigned from Congress — and after his son was born. Do New Yorkers want someone with such poor impulse control as their mayor? Also, his actions show a lack of respect for his wife and his marriage vows. And the crude sexual messages reflect a general lack of respect for women, who he seems to view as sex objects. His presence in the race could distract from the real issues facing the city. But, if he remains in the race, it will be up to New Yorkers to decide if this is the type of man they want as their mayor.”

To reach Burns, please call John Morgan, associate vice president for public relations, at 203-206-4449.

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