Professor Dana White: Gluten-free diets can be harmful for some people

white-danaDana White, clinical assistant professor of athletic training and sports medicine in the School of Health Sciences at Quinnipiac University, warned of potential dangers of a gluten-free diet.

“People with celiac disease must adhere to a gluten-free diet, but people who are not afflicted with this condition put themselves unnecessarily at risk for nutrient deficiencies by banishing all gluten from their diet,” White said in a story published in U.S. News & World Report.

People without gastrointestinal issues sometimes mistakenly believe that gluten-free foods are healthier or helpful for weight-loss, White said.

“Many gluten-free products, including a variety of baked goods, are higher in calories than their [non-gluten-free] counterparts, which could lead to weight gain,” White said. “That said, there are many healthy foods that are naturally gluten-free.”

White was also quoted in USA Today on the same subject.

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