Therapy animals help replace students’ stress with smiles

IMG_0639Residents on Quinnipiac University‘s  York Hill Campus were greeted by two specially-trained therapy animals on Sept. 26 to help relieve their stress.

“We know pets make us happy and feel good in general,” said Donna Latella, professor of occupational therapy in the School of Health Sciences, who owns the therapy animals. “The human-animal bond is a powerful tool which we hope to show has a positive impact on relieving stress levels and offering comfort to participants.”

“There have been so many people here that have just smiled as soon as they saw the animals,” said Catherine Morelli, a junior community assistant who helped organize the event.

Latella brought Aubry to the university’s North Haven Campus last semester to help students cope with stress before finals — and assist occupational therapy students with their capstone project. Read more about that visit here.

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