Leonard Dwarica featured on his new mission as director for the Center of Health Law and Policy

Leonard A. Dwarica, Director for the Center of Health Law & Policy

Leonard A. Dwarica, director for the Center of Health Law & Policy

Leonard Dwaricadistinguished practitioner in residence of health law and director for the Center of Health Law & Policy in the School of Law at Quinnipiac University, was featured in the the Hartford Business Journal and the Connecticut Law Tribune on his recent university appointment where he will be helping to bring law and health education closer together.

As part of his new role, he will be responsible for maintaining an active relationship with the Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine to bring law and medical students closer together.

“Right now, if you ask any physician, most will say they view lawyers as the enemy. We hope to change that,” Dwarica told the Law Tribune. “We want the medical students to view attorneys as their colleagues. As a doctor, you need to understand as much about the environment of medical practice as possible. We can help the medical school faculty teach the medical students valuable information that is not part of the medical curriculum.”

“We are trying to shape a sense of cooperation,” Dwarica told the news organization. “We are all in this together.”

Read more in the Hartford Business Journal and Connecticut Law Tribune.

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