Professor William Dunlap offers insight on Bonnie Jean Foreshaw’s clemency hearing

dunlapWilliam Dunlap, a professor in the School of Law at Quinnipiac University, offered WTNH-TV insight on Bonnie Jean Foreshaw’s Oct. 9 clemency hearing.

Foreshaw, who was convicted of a 1986 murder, is expected to ask for her sentence to be reduced to the 27 years she has already served in prison.

The clemency board has agreed to hold the hearing after a memo was written criticizing Foreshaw’s previous attorney for not presenting evidence regarding her mental state and other defenses that were available.

“Once the memo came to light, the board has said, ‘We’d like to hear this case again,’ which is extremely unusual because it actually says on the Board of Pardons and Paroles website that we are not here to hear complaints about ineffective consistence of counsel and yet once they heard about this, they have decided on their own apparently to take the case,” said Dunlap.

Watch the full video report here.

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