Dr. Bruce Koeppen, Dr. Harold Kaplan offer insight on methods to train primary care doctors

Dr. Howard Kaplan and Dr. Bruce Koeppen

Dr. Harold Kaplan and Dr. Bruce Koeppen

Dr. Harold Kaplan, director of the Medical Student Home Program, and Dr. Bruce Koeppen, founding dean of the Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine, offered insight in a Forbes.com article on the new preceptorship method that the school is developing to train primary care doctors.

“The United States faces a terrible shortage of primary care physicians — only 12 percent of medical school graduates chose primary care,” said Kaplan. “We have 60 students who want to become primary care physicians, and the Medical School Home is a key component of the curriculum that will turn these students into excellent physicians. If after four years, even half the class remains in primary care, that will be four times the national average!”

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