Quinnipiac students spend break performing community service in the Dominican Republic

Quinnipiac University students are starting off the new year strong with community service in the Dominican Republic.

As part of a QU 301 seminar course, 20 students had the opportunity to attend the week-long trip that involves helping to build houses and mentor some of the children. Several students said they have been so inspired by their experience that they plan to return to the Dominican Republic to do more service and sponsor a child.

Josh Powers ’13, a Quinnipiac alumnus offers insight:

“It amazes me every time I see ‘new-comers’ catch the spark of wanting to help others less fortunate than themselves.

Traveling to the Dominican Republic to help the poor Haitians living in the sugarcane villages has always been a part of my life. It was incredible experience bringing that passion for service to the Quinnipiac community during my undergrad by traveling abroad for QU 301 to Costa Rica to help the poor and volunteering for the ‘Big Event.’ It was only enhanced my senior year when I got to participate in a QU 301 trip that works with the very mission I grew up volunteering with in the Dominican Republic.

This week (now as an alumnus), I traveled with 20 Quinnipiac student and my family of 5 (my father is the adjunct professor leading the trip.) Our group built a new home for an extremely poor family on Batey 50, an impoverished sugarcane village in the Dominican Republic.

Today, we handed over the keys of a completed 3 room, sturdy, rain-proof house to a family that only knows hardship; the patriarch of the household is blind and the son severely mentally challenged.

Tears were in the eyes of this family, the translator, and many of the students. One of the students commented at the end of today, ‘I realized today it’s not that I want to come back…I have to come back.’ “

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