Could you identify Brian Williams? Dean Lee Kamlet wouldn’t be surprised if you can’t

Quinnipiac University School of Communications Dean Lee Kamlet, an award-winning network television producer who is a former head writer for “ABC World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer” and “ABC World News Tonight with Charles Gibson,” is available to discuss a new Pew Research Center survey that showed only 27 percent of the 1,052 people surveyed could identify Brian Williams, the anchor of the top-rated “NBC Nightly News.”

The results of the poll are not surprising,” Kamlet said “Any newscast, be it at a network, cable outlet or local station, should never depend on the anchor’s recognizability but rather his or her credibility, the accuracy of the journalists supporting them, and the content of the stories they report.

“I don’t subscribe to the notion that polls such as this are a reflection of people’s interest in the news,” Kamlet said. “With the proliferation of platforms to which the audience can turn for news and information, I’m a bit surprised that the number who could identify the anchors is even as high as it is. News should not be about personality, it should be about integrity and trust.”

If you’re interested in speaking to Kamlet, please call John Morgan, associate vice president for public relations, at 203-206-4449 (cell) or 203-582-5359 (office).

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