Professor Angela Mattie: Urgent care clinics offer helpful alternative, but have drawbacks

Professor Angela Mattie

Professor Angela Mattie

Angela Mattie, associate professor and chair of management in the School of Business at Quinnipiac University, told Hearst Connecticut Newspapers that the rise of urgent care clinics are helping people who find it difficult to get a doctor’s appointment in the midst of the worsening national physician shortage.

“(Urgent care) provides an alternative for when you have a cold and need to see someone right away,” Mattie told the daily newspaper group.

There are drawbacks to the urgent care model, including the loss of a certain continuity of care, Mattie said. If patients get the bulk of their care from a rotating series of urgent care doctors, they lose the benefit of forming a relationship with a doctor who knows them and their medical history, she said.

“Our parents had a (primary care) physician that they saw for their entire lives,” Mattie said. “And there’s something to be said for that model of care. But we don’t live in that society anymore.”

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