Quinnipiac seniors speak with WFSB-TV about good-neighbor app they created

kricket copyQuinnipiac University seniors Conner Croteau, Stanley Martone and Tom Nassr spoke with WFSB-TV about Kricket.co, a Web application they created.

The app allows members of the town community to anonymously send a message to their student neighbors requesting that they be more quiet.

“If a family is trying to get to sleep and students are having a party, you can click on the house next door and simply send a Kricket,” said Stanley Martone.

“It’s a warning for them because right now it’s either do nothing or the police get called,” Nassr said. “We’re the intermediary between getting in trouble and not getting in trouble, so students appreciate it and neighbors like it so they don’t have to be the bad guy.”

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