Basketball court named in honor of Albert Schweitzer Institute’s executive director

ives-honorDavid Ives, executive director of the Albert Schweitzer Institute at Quinnipiac University, was honored for his philanthropic work with a basketball court named in his honor in Guatemala.

The basketball court was built with the assistance of Quinnipiac students in the isolated village of Porvenir.

Last year, a multipurpose open-air pavilion Ives helped to build elsewhere in the country was named in his honor.

The Albert Schweitzer Institute, which has been affiliated with Quinnipiac since 2002, is committed to introducing Schweitzer’s philosophy of “reverence for life” to a broad audience in order to bring about a more civil and ethical human society characterized by respect, responsibility, compassion and service. The Albert Schweitzer Institute is located on the university’s Mount Carmel Campus.

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  1. Great name and I hope this would be such a pioneer to more and more great project in the future. Keep it up.

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