Class of 2014: Graduates reflect on the Quinnipiac experience

Undergraduate Commencement 2011Each year, only a handful of students have the opportunity to reflect and share their Quinnipiac experience with their peers, families, friends, faculty and staff at our Commencement ceremonies.

This year, we want to give more members of our Class of 2014 the opportunity to share their experiences with the university community.

Find your passion and follow it

Angelique Fiske ‘14

In my four years, I’ve served as the Chief Editor of the Quinnipiac Bobcats Sports Network, founding sister and president of Kappa Delta, an orientation leader (2012-3), co-morale chair for QThon, a student volunteer on QU South Africa’s Alternative Winter Break Trip and co-hosted a radio show on WQAQ.  My mindset when I got to Quinnipiac is that I was going to find the things that made me feel most at home, and that took longer than I wanted it to.  In high school, I was always running around like a crazy woman,always busy, but my freshman year, I had more down time than I knew what to do with it.  I liked it, but I knew that’s not how I wanted to spend all four years.

For me, I needed to get my feet wet, but once I did that, I jumped right in.  I was told no and worked harder to prove myself, but the most important thing was that I never stopped fighting for what I wanted. I never did this to say that I could lead, though. I wanted to make a difference in any way that I could.  The biggest thing that I learned from Quinnipiac and my involvement here is to do everything you can and do it with all you have. If you are doing something because it will look good on a resume, you shouldn’t be doing it.

Find your passion here, and follow it. It doesn’t matter if your friends have the same one or not. Do it for you; capitalize on your strengths to better this community.  If you do that, you’ll help Quinnipiac grow, but more importantly, you will help yourself grow. That’s all you can ask for in your four years.


Be the change you want to see

 Jill Haney

What makes a place become your home? I guess that’s a question I can’t precisely answer, because it’s more about feeling than defining. Nonetheless, Quinnipiac University has made me feel home. The people I’ve encountered here have touched my heart forever; I simply can’t put into words how grateful I am for that. Becoming involved in the QU community proved easily the greatest decision I made here; that decision provided me with countless reasons to never want to go near that cap and gown. At the same time, Quinnipiac has prepared me extraordinarily for the challenges held by the outside world.

Throughout my time here, I was able to volunteer at New Haven Reads and provide free tutoring for underprivileged inner-city children. Quinnipiac allowed me to journey across the world to Australia and spend a semester studying and experiencing a brand new culture. I then had the opportunity to advise others who wished to travel abroad and help our exchange students adapt to the American lifestyle. I proudly represented this University as an orientation leader; an unforgettable summer was spent welcoming/transitioning anxious freshmen. Quinnipiac also provides you the opportunity to be the change you wish to see; therefore, I began a brand new student organization on campus with one of my greatest friends.

All of this aside, Quinnipiac has given me a home. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my time here, it’s to be fearless. Take so many chances, because you won’t imagine the incredible opportunities that will come from them. Keep on surprising yourself… don’t be boring. Soak up every single minute, because the greatest days will come and go so quickly. Don’t stress so much, spend time with people that matter and most of all, believe in yourself. If you can do that, you’re alreadygoing places.


Take every opportunity as a reason to learn 

Caitlin Leposky ‘14

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from my time at Quinnipiac, it’s to take every opportunity and learn from it. Learn from the good and the bad, learn from the struggles and the triumphs, and embrace every moment of your time at college. These will be some of your best days, and maybe even some of your worst days, but they’re also the days to make mistakes, learn from your experiences, and grow as a person.


Become a better version of yourself

Marissa Harper ‘14

Over the last four years as both a college student and campus leader I’ve learned how to become a better version of myself and have developed a strong sense of independence because of the people whom I’ve aspired to be like.

You have to learn to appreciate everyone and everything that you have, to try new things often and learn to stand up for yourself in order to make these four years the best memories of your life.


Use your time to build strong friendships across the university

Brandon Goode ‘14

In my four years at QU, much of what I’ve learned has come from relationships built outside of the classroom. As a member of the men’s soccer team, I’ve built strong friendships with my teammates, but also with other members of the QU community. What I’ve come to value the most out of my experience is the friendships I’ve made with my teammates, classmates, professors and who ever else I have been lucky enough to meet.

Never constrict yourself to one niche, or you’ll be missing out. I am lucky that my four years has lead up to a MAAC championship, after a troublesome freshman and sophomore year. It’s never easy when you’re losing and it’s easy to give up; but when you’ve got the proper people around you giving up is never an option. Ultimately, my four years at QU have taught me to never give up, because you never know how close you are to success.


Try everything — mainly because you can

Angela Romano ’14

The best aspect of your life begins right at the end of your comfort zone. College is virtually one of the only times you can reinvent yourself and start with a clean slate. This is the time in your life to try everything – mainly because you can.

At Quinnipiac, there are hundreds of opportunities to find what you love and do what you want with it. Join 10 clubs your freshman year, see what sticks and see what you love. Find what you are passionate about and you’ll soon find you are doing things you love with some of the greatest people you will ever meet.

Be who you are and meet as many people as you can, do not be afraid to be the strange person you are because there is a very probable chance so is everyone else. You are the master of your fate – you can make college the best four years of your life only if you chose to. Take your schoolwork seriously, get as involved in things you love as much as you can, Instagram the clock tower too many times, talk to the person to your left in English and be who you are, unapologetically.

Quinnipiac is one of the best places on earth – no exaggeration. Take the time to look up from your phone, look around you. Look up, smile at the person walking past you on the way to the library, and just take every moment in. There is no exaggeration when they say that these four years fly by. Before you know it you’ll find yourself in a black robe walking to receive your diploma. Cherish every single minute of your time here. I have met my bridesmaids, best friends, found myself and gotten the best education here. Appreciate every last moment.


Take full advantage of everything Quinnipiac has to offer

Kellie Reidinger ’12, DPT ’15 

In beginning my journey at Quinnipiac, I knew I would learn how to be a physical therapist. What I didn’t expect is how this influential community would shape me as a person. Six years ago my fellow Bobcats welcomed me like family into a community centered around opportunities and kindness.

My biggest piece of advice for upcoming students is to take full advantage of all the things this school has to offer; you won’t do justice to your talents by simply attending classes. Be a part of the community by embracing the people, the surroundings and the spirit of Quinnipiac. There are endless networking opportunities and resources at your fingertips, but it is up to you to seek them out and use them to your advantage. Join clubs, attend events and be involved in making a change. There is no limit to the success that you can achieve here if you approach every opportunity with an open mind and kind heart.

While it is important to advocate for yourself, if you need guidance, there is no better place to be than here. Whenever I needed a helping hand there was always a teacher, resident assistant, staff member or friend to lead me in the right direction.

One of the biggest lessons I learned at Quinnipiac is that hard work and integrity will lead to success. Even if that success can’t be seen right away, it’s just around the corner.

Lastly, make time to put the books away and enjoy the beauty of the Quinnipiac experience. Hike Sleeping Giant Mountain, sunbathe on the Quad, cheer on the hockey team and sing to the tune of the library bells. Quinnipiac not only prepared me for my career, it embraced me as a fellow Bobcat, and for that I am honored.


It’s not too late to share your experiences

The specific focus of the reflection is up to each author, but topics could include:

  • Specific highlights of your Quinnipiac experience, including specific lessons, courses or professors
  • Advice on how to make the most of your time here
  • Aspects of the university you wish you had taken advantage of sooner

Please email reflections not exceeding 200 words to with a photo of yourself engaging in one of your favorite university activities, your major, minor and any organizations with which you have been involved. We will share our favorites on our digital platforms.

And alumni, we haven’t forgotten about you! Do you have advice for our graduating students? Email us your reflections for consideration of publication.

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  1. Very well said. I really enjoy read on the greaduates story, I could feel the passion and the excitement. And also lot of thing we could learn from them to motivate us to study harder.

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