Business and communications students thrive in QU in Los Angeles program

Fourteen Quinnipiac University students from the schools of business and communications are in Southern California as part of the university’s Quinnipiac University in Los Angeles program.

Here are some initial reflections of their experiences:

Shayna Rothschild '15 takes a break from her internship at Ketchum Labs as part of #QUinLA.

Shayna Rothschild ’15 takes a break from her internship at Ketchum Labs as part of #QUinLA.

I’ve been interning at Ketchum Labs, a small production company in Hollywood with a funky, start-up kind of feel. Ketchum Labs does scripted and non-scripted work. I work with the director of non-scripted development, coming up with ideas for reality shows, creating pitching decks and creating sizzle reels. So far, I have loved working for the company. There are so many fun, interesting people and there’s always something going on. This internship has taught me so much, and I wouldn’t give it up for the world.

Shayna Rothschild ‘15
Journalism major

This summer I have the privilege of holding a paid internship position with Revolt TV and Media. Revolt TV’s internship program has me on a rotation schedule so that I work hands-on in all areas of the network regarding the live show and behind-the-scenes work. Revolt TV is Sean (P Diddy) Combs’ music cable network, which he started from the ground up, specializing in the latest music and entertainment news. It is a 24/7 channel, with two live hour-long broadcasts per day and countless music videos and news updates in between. Comcast and Time Warner broadcast the network. Revolt TV distributes music videos, live performances, news and interviews; the network covers all areas of a live production. I worked with the talent manager during my first week and interacted with the hosts and guests on the live shows. I helped them prepare their wardrobe, make sure guests were prepared and prepped and even helped book some guests for upcoming shows. I specifically found candidates for the show’s “Voices of Revolt” segment, where hosts interview guests about a popular topic (last week was Rihanna’s fashion and music style). This week, I am working with Revolt Live, which I am quickly learning is the most awesome and rewarding experience ever. I have prepared full interview questions for famous guests such as, Jack White and American Authors. In future shows, I will be a guest on the “Voices of Revolt” segment.

Nikki DiRico ‘15
Journalism major

The company I am currently interning for T Group Productions. The company makes and produces reality television shows such as, “Mystery Diners,” “My Big Fat Geek Wedding” and “Storage Hunters.” The company then sells the shows to television networks, including The History Channel and VH1. I am working on a documentary in pre-production. As an intern, my job is to read transcripts from a specific interrogation. With these transcripts, it is my job to pick out important points of interest

Paige Sherman ’15
Film, video, interactive media major

FRUKT is a creative marketing agency located in West Hollywood. It aims to create and deliver smart entertainment for brands across all channels including music, film/television and theme parks. The agency’s biggest clients include MasterCard, American Airlines, Bank of America, Sprint, Nokia and McDonald’s. I am assisting the brand consulting and brand integration team. My tasks have included reading and analyzing scripts for product placement opportunities. I’ve also done research on music festivals, a variety of artists and prepared a deck in to present to clients interested in brand activation.

Jennifer Salomon ‘15
International business and marketing major


I have learned so much working for Coldwell Banker Real Estate in Beverly.  In addition to being submerged in the vastly different West Coast culture with the QU in LA program, I have also had the privilege to explore houses and neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles County. I have gained firsthand experience, not only with real estate and sales, but with general business practices. As a business major and an MBA student, this has taken concepts off of the pages of my textbooks and helped me apply them to real-life experiences.

Kortney Kesses ‘15
MBA student 

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  1. Very interesting experience, nice sharing! I wasn’t just enjoy to read this article but also could learn something through yor experience. Keep it up.

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