Simulation lab offers students realistic lessons in patient care

Mechanical Mannequin

State-of-the-art technology offers students real-life experiences in simulation labs.

Quinnipiac University’s state-of-the-art North Haven Campus wasn’t the only aspect that intrigued senior nursing major Suzanne Falconer. What really caught her attention were in the halls of the School of Health Sciences, lying in hospital beds.

“I remember as a freshman seeing the mechanical mannequins while touring the North Haven Campus,” Falconer said. “I thought they were really impressive, but a little creepy since they have an abundance of realistic features. After touring many other schools, these mannequins were really something that made Quinnipiac stand out.”

The university’s Center for Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences houses six adult, two pediatric and one birthing High-Fidelity Patient Simulators that mimic a variety of symptoms and health issues, from asthma to cardiac arrest – and even death.

“The goal of the sim lab is to make the environment as realistic as possible,” said Darlene Rogers, lab coordinator in the School of Nursing.

Nursing undergraduate and graduate students are able to treat the mechanical patients with medication, oxygen and intravenous fluid infusions while their professors are able to control parameters such as respirations, heart-rate and blood pressure while speaking in a microphone as the mannequin from an adjoining room.

“The mannequins help us work on our skills prior to entering the field so we have an opportunity to become comfortable interacting and communicating with patients and peers in a real-life scenario,” said Falconer.

Students are able to assess their work by viewing footage captured by a 360-degree camera located in the simulated hospital room and then discuss their approaches with professors.

“The debriefing is where the learning takes place.  It allows students the opportunity to learn from their successes and failures in the lab,” Rogers said.

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  1. Excellent! I could feel all the property in the lab was well produce in order to offer realistic feel for students. Great faclity!

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