‘Conan’ intern develops new skills set as part of QU in LA program

Taylor Roberts interns with Conan O'Brien behind the scenes of the Conan show.

Taylor Roberts, an intern at ‘Conan,’ smiles for a photo outside the studio.

Taylor Roberts, a senior media studies major in the School of Communications at Quinnipiac, has spent her summer practicing the skills she learned in the university’s Ed McMahon Mass Communications Center. Roberts is completing internships at “Conan” and Station 3 Entertainment as part of the Quinnipiac in Los Angeles program.

“It was extremely fun, and I learned a lot of cool skills and tricks,” Roberts said.

QU in LA is a year-round program for the university’s undergraduate and graduate students that incorporates an internship and coursework while living in Los Angeles.

Students major in a variety of disciplines, including computer information systems, finance, accounting, marketing and advertising, journalism, public relations, film, video and interactive media, game and digital design, theater production, and more.

“Station 3 Entertainment is a production development company where I read scripts for potential projects,” said Roberts. “At ‘Conan,’ I worked in the general production department. Here, I interacted with all departments and aspects of the show. I observed rehearsals daily and contributed feedback on the material. I also got to assist with administrative duties and helped with research on potential guests for the show.”

Taylor Roberts took trapeze lessons in her down time on the Santa Monica pier.

Taylor Roberts took trapeze lessons in her down time on the Santa Monica Pier.

The program has given her new insight and a broader perspective on the entertainment industry, Roberts said.

“I did a lot of exploring,” she said. “I saw a lot of different famous people, and I even got to see different sets for many different shows and movies.”

In her downtime, Roberts said she tried to take advantage of all the West Coast offered.

“In my free time, I took flying trapeze lessons on the Santa Monica Pier,” she said. “I have always been interested in gymnastics, and the circus so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to learn.”

Roberts said she encourages anyone interested in a career in film to take advantage of the Quinnipiac in Los Angeles program.

“LA is the heart of entertainment and fame,” she said. “There is always something fun and exciting going on, whether it’s a movie premiere or another fun event. It’s more than just an internship; it’s a wonderful experience. Los Angeles is truly a magical city.”

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