Alternative break trip to Mayan temples changes student’s perspective on life

The ancient Mayan civilization is nothing short of extraordinary.

We had the opportunity to explore Tikal, which contains the Mayan temples. These magnificent structures were both complex and breathtaking.

It is unfathomable to imagine all of the hard work and dedication that the Mayans had in order to build one temple. The temples were built for the purposes of being closer to God, finding a place to pray and burying their important rulers. Seeing these marvelous temples made me reflect on my own life, encouraging me to discover my most important beliefs. It made me wonder if there is something in my life that I could ever express so much passion and dedication for as the Mayans did with these Temples.

Climbing the highest temple, which is over 175 feet high, was the most meaningful experience that I had at Tikal. I was able to focus on the beauty of the world that was in front of me. Looking at the detail and intelligence that the Mayans left behind gave me a deeper appreciation for the art and history of this culture.

The most important message that I took from this day, more specifically the climb, was to remember that life is not about the destination, it is about the journey that gets you there and all that you encounter along the way.

-Sara D’Arcangelo

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