Students walk in the footsteps of Magellan and Columbus

quspainbreakBuilding upon the lessons learned in a small classroom deep within the university’s Center for Communications and Engineering, 19 Quinnipiac students walked in the footsteps of Christopher Columbus and Ferdinand Magellan throughout their spring break.

The students, studying Spanish culture and society as part of a Quinnipiac seminar series course, visited key landmarks throughout southern and central Spain, including historic palaces, cathedrals, mosques, squares and markets. Among the sites were ancient baths, the burial place of Columbus and the palace in which Magellan secured funding for several of his voyages. The students also experienced a variety of local culinary and artistic traditions.

For Maddy Shields, a sophomore biology major, the journey was her first international experience.

“To describe my trip and time as incredible would be a huge understatement,” she said. “The memories I made on this trip are ones I will keep with me forever.”

Kristin Duthie, a doctor of physical therapy student, said the trip was one of the best experiences she has had at Quinnipiac.

“Not only did I get to explore and spend time learning about the history and coexistence of Spain through various mosques and cathedrals, but I also got to make friendships that will undoubtedly last a lifetime,” she said. “We all shared something special.”

Tim Pollitt, a junior journalism major, said he immediately felt comfortable walking throughout the country.

“Quinnipiac prepared us for the experience in class by centering the course around the history of Spain and where we went,” he said. “We understood the ethnic backgrounds of the cities that we visited so it made it easier to see the differences in the regions’ more historical spots.”

Throughout the weeklong trip, the students, led by Quinnipiac faculty and staff members, spent time in Granada, Cordoba and Seville.

Each semester, students have numerous opportunities to study abroad for varying lengths of time around the world.

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