Class of 2019 urged to get involved, study hard and see the world

To better help the members of our Class of 2019 get assimilated with Quinnipiac, we asked several alumni and upperclassmen what advice they have about making the most of their university experience.

Here’s what they had to say:

Blank, AaronBe fearless in college! Take risks. Join as many extracurricular clubs and committees as possible. Get involved. It was all of those activities that gave me the experience for today! And be sure to be kind to everyone you meet. You never know who you’ll meet. I met my wife on campus! We’ve been married for 10 years and have three kids. Love Quinnipiac and treat it with respect. It’ll be there for many more to cherish.
Aaron Blank ’02

Kenney, Meag

Try what you like and try what you don’t like twice. At Quinnipiac, I took an introduction to law class and swore to my roommates I’d never go to law school; it was only until I gave an elective law course a second chance that I learned there was more to the law. Next week, I start my final year of law school and today, I was sworn in as a student attorney in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Don’t count anything out.
Meag Kenney ’12


Understand that everyone is in the same boat. Everyone is missing their friends and family from home — not just you — even if it seems that way. Get involved, sign up for everything and put yourself out there. It’s the best way to meet great people and make Quinnipiac feel like your home. Everyone is in this together, so be open to the journey and just go with it!
Emily Sarnoff ’12


Diamond, TracyTake your time. There’s no rush or deadline to find friends. Get settled, and find the lifestyle that fits you best when you get to college. The experience is different for everyone, but the one thing we all have in common is that it’s an adjustment for everyone and with time, you’ll have the best experience with the right people who help you to feel your absolute best.
Tracy Diamond ’11


Cielo, CamilleGetting kicked out of your first intended major is not the end of the world. It sounds scary but it happens. The most important fact is that you understand that YOU are not a failure. It happened to me. I moped a bit, but I got back up and, in the process, found two things I was more passionate about: social work and mental health. Kathy Livingston, one of the sociology professors there, encouraged and nurtured my interest in the mental health field and gave me renewed hope for my future. Because of her passion and encouragement, I’m currently in graduate school for my masters in social work. Changing majors, failing out of one, or not knowing what you want to do in the future is not indicative of your worth or importance. Sometimes life throws us for a loop, but make sure you get right back up again.
Camille Cielo ’12

Chouinard, AliciaNetwork. Network. Network! Get out and explore new fields, make new friends and learn new tools. This is your time of discovery and only time will tell if the skills you gained from simply spending time with a new friend of a different major will be the reason you land the job of your dreams in the end.
Alicia Chouinard ’10, ’14



Pacheco, AmandaOwn the freshman 15! Focus on eating healthy meals and a balanced diet otherwise things can catch up with you quickly! Once you figure out a schedule that works for you, get active in sports, go for a hike or take some classes at the fitness center to focus on yourself.
Amanda Pacheco ’16




Maiorana, StephanieFinding peace: learning to find your inner Elsa (“let it go”) when your roommate wants to change the channel and instead finding peace in knowing TV runs on re-runs it’s not worth the argument; learning not to order that extra loaf of bread from Tonino’s no matter how delicious carbs are and instead finding peace in ordering the salad instead; learning to not only buy but also read the textbooks for each of your classes and finding peace in knowing you you will be successful in the end.
Stephanie Maiorana ’06



Make the most of the unique combination Quinnipiac offers. You are a part of a very welcoming and invested community, and also have the opportunity to see and experience the world. Participate in a Quinnipiac trip. Meet new people. Go out of your comfort zone. When you’re back on campus, use the insights you learned.
Bonnie Shea ’09, ’11


UntitledFor academic success, the first two things you need to learn are: time management and how to study effectively. I advise switching up how you study to see what works best for you. If you can’t seem to find a way that works for you, go to the Learning Commons; they are there to help.

You should also get involved in things that interest you such as community service, clubs, sports or whatever you are passionate about. Getting off campus for community service during my undergraduate years gave me a lot of perspective on things when I was stressed about friends or school.

One of my hobbies is snowboarding. Among other clubs, I was able to get involved with the ski and snowboard club at Quinnipiac and met some great people and got to enjoy cheap snowboarding trips all four years of college.
Amelia Houghton ’14, ’17

Duthie, KristinUpon entering my third year of college, I can vouch that Quinnipiac is the perfect place for expanding your horizons and trying new and exciting things. Exploring the glorious Sleeping Giant State Park is just one of the many ways to look over the edge and past the obstacles to your success. No matter what your major, live in the present and venture out of your comfort zones — go ballroom dancing, attend campus events, acquaint yourself with students and professors and most importantly, find the trail that is most astonishing to you.

Always be two steps ahead — in hiking, in work and in life!
Kristin Duthie ’16, ’19

chelseaCollege isn’t just a big party. It’s the most important four years of your life.

My advice for incoming freshmen is to not only to work hard, but to work smart. Spread out your studying (avoid cramming), utilize all of your resources (get to know your professors) and make effective use of all the opportunities college has to offer. Quinnipiac has incredible professors who genuinely care about your success and the university is always hosting events, bringing in internationally-recognized guest speakers and also offers an extensive list of programs and clubs. Make sure to get involved in your community. Branch out. Take risks. Never be afraid to ask for help. Before you know it, these four years will have passed and hopefully you can look back and know you made the most out of your time at Quinnipiac.
Chelsea Laden ’15

McKitish Reinhardt, ChristinaCollege is a time to discover yourself and figure out what you stand for. One way to achieve this is to get to know people from different states and countries. The more people you talk with, the more you learn — not just about them but about your own beliefs. Get to know people on your hall and in your classes. Join clubs that reflect your interests so you can meet people there, too. College friendships are incredibly special, often resulting in lifelong bonds. Keep in touch with those you connect with throughout your time at college. Don’t feel like you have to pick one group and stay there. It’s great to have several different circles of friends. Lastly, make sure to take time for yourself to contemplate everything you are learning and process who you are becoming. If you do it right, you’ll come out of these four years at Quinnipiac knowing where you’re headed in life.
Christina McKitish Reinhardt ’07

Griffin, StephanieNo matter how stressful college gets — between the amount of schoolwork handed to you as well as other personal issues that may occur — always push through. Go to your professors with questions, they care so much. Get involved. Step outside your comfort zone. I have made amazing connections at Quinnipiac with awesome people who have helped me grow as a person even after I received my degree. Four years goes by faster than you think. Cherish them and do what you love. College is a time to find yourself, never stop exploring what Quinnipiac has to offer because it’s a gold mine of opportunity.
Stephanie Griffin ’13

Schafer, JamieI have three pieces of advice for you, the Class of 2019.

1. Go to a hockey game.

2. Study abroad.

3. Go to Ray and Mike’s (or Wentworth’s or hike Sleeping Giant or lay out on the Quad and get involved)!
Jamie Schafer ’11



bauerThe teachers and administration were nothing but top notch and they always have your best interest in mind. Late nights at good ol’ Arnie was never fun but knowing that weekends meant time to watch our hockey and basketball teams with my buddies on campus made my Quinnipiac experience one I will never forget. #GoBobcats
Richard Bauer Jr. ’09


Gray, KristenWhen looking for new groups and activities, don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and try something different. You never know when a new experience can lead your life in an exciting direction — or spark a new passion! You may even be able to lend a helping hand and really make a difference to others along the way.
Kristen Gray ’11




Reilly, MegGetting involved in constructive activities outside of schoolwork helped shape my time at Quinnipiac into the most fulfilling years. The best advice I can give to incoming students is to spend time outside of the library and away from your books — not just out on a Saturday night, but also through groups at Quinnipiac that appeal to your interest and will bring you closer to people who share those interests. I was a member of Dance Fusion, and made the best friends and memories both on and off the dance floor with those girls.
Meg Reilly ’14

Lawrence, AudreyTake classes that genuinely interest you — not just the ones that are required. You never know when an assignment or a line in a textbook will spark your passion. Ultimately, don’t be afraid to change your major. It may be the best decision you ever make; it was for me!
Audrey Lawrence ’13



Carey, Amanda

Don’t be afraid to try new things! Introduce yourself to classmates, join organizations and go for internships. You meet a lot of awesome people that way.

Welcome to Quinnipiac and get ready for four of the best years of your life!
Amanda Carey ’12


rothschildIncoming freshman, use these years at Quinnipiac to have fun, learn and, most of all, develop your self identity. When I came to Quinnipiac, I was a very loud, exuberant individual but I was scared to put myself in uncomfortable situations.

My time at Quinnipiac helped me become a strong young woman, and now I’m using my self-confidence to pursue my dreams of working in entertainment in Los Angeles.
Shayna Rothschild ’15

Foote, AudreyMy best advice is for students in college to take a chance and try new things. (This is me playing bubble soccer!) If it’s not an activity that’s going to harm anyone, why not try?

And to always believe…ya gotta believe!!!!
Audrey Foote ’05



Schlemm, SamanthaI double-majored in interactive digital design and English, so Montage was the perfect fit for me. It was a fun way to express myself but, more importantly, to meet other literary- and art-lovers. It wasn’t until I started interviewing for my first job and internships that I realized Montage was experience. It was something tangible I could talk about learning from.

Find things you’re passionate about, things you can actively learn real-world skills from while enjoying yourself; those are the kinds of activities that will give you a leg up in the future.
Samantha Schlemm ’11

Turco, BeckyJoin clubs. Get involved. Try new things. Go to school programs and get to know your RA – you’ll meet new friends AND get free food. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Your four years here will go by quickly and you owe it to yourself (and anyone helping pay for your college tuition) to make the most of it!
Becky Turco ’12


Never, elindsey jeanver, ever, ever, ever, ever turn down an opportunity to travel. Study abroad. Learn their language. Experience culture-shock. Experience the way other people live. Live in their shoes. But most importantly, leave your phone at home.
Lindsey Kelley ’05


Sooner or later all of us make that transition from the student to the teacher in some capacity. Hold on to every anecdote, every piece of constructive criticism and every word of wisdom from faculty members.
Nicole Medrzychowski ’12



Don’t wait to get involved in the Quinnipiac community! Some of the most valuable lessons I learned during my time in college were from the different organizations I participated in.
Emily Gablenz ’12



jill talbotCheer on the Bobcats at the hockey games. Sit on the quad. Join organizations and never hold back from the amazing opportunities Quinnipiac has to offer! By the end, you just might find the love of your life, and best friends for life. But most importantly, you might find your true self.
Jill Talbot ’13




When I was at Quinnipiac, I learned that to find success, you have to work hard for what you want. I knew I wanted a career in social media when I came to Quinnipiac so in all of my classes and for all of my projects, I focused on social media. I had a great portfolio by the time I graduated and now I am working at my dream job managing social media for a college.
Randi Plake ’11


Always push yourself to try new things, because you may discover something you’re secretly good at. Get involved, take chances and expand your comfort zone.
Bryan Lipiner ’15







Put yourself outside of your comfort zone and experience as much as you can! Make new friends. Join organizations and clubs. Attend campus activities and events and have fun! Putting yourself outside of your comfort zone will make you open to new experiences, some of which might change your life. If I had never gone outside of my comfort zone and studied abroad in Australia, I would have never found my love for traveling and a group of friends that will last a lifetime.
Cory Cerritelli ’11

Take every single opportunity you are given while at Quinnipiac, whether it is something you have experience with or whether it is something you’ve never tried. Attend sporting events. Go out with your friends on a week night and get involved, because before you know it, you’ll be receiving your diploma and starting yet another chapter in your life!
Keira Flaherty ’15


College is a huge transitional period. Get out there and join the community. Everyone is probably already telling you that these will be the best four years of your life — and they are right. College is an amazing time in your life to truly find out who you are. Quinnipiac offers a variety of different clubs and communities to get involved with.
Leah Walter ’16

Get involved in what you love as soon as possible. I waited until sophomore year to join Q30 because I was too nervous to join as a freshman. Don’t be nervous! Q30 is one of the most inclusive groups on campus and no matter how young you are, you will get time on camera. Also, internships are super important so start doing them sophomore year if you can!
Maddy Holloway ’15

Make the most of your experience at Quinnipiac. Go on every trip. Join every club. Climb Sleeping Giant as many times as you can. You’ll find your best friends on your Quinnipiac adventure and continue to have them long after graduation.
Heidi Hitchen ’13


An internship WILL most likely get you a job so make sure you get one at some point. Luckily I had a chance to rectify my mistake in not thinking about one in undergrad and interned during my grad school year. That internship got me my first job which got me the job I currently have at NBC.

Don’t stress the little things. You’re never as busy as you think you are. Most things probably aren’t as serious as they seem. Try to enjoy the simple stresses you have before your parents totally cut you off financially. wink wink

It’s OK if you don’t know what you want to do with your life. Sometimes it can feel like the end of the world if you haven’t quite figured out exactly what you want your career to be. This is normal. You’ll figure it out along the way like most people do. Despite the nagging from your parents, sometimes it just takes time.

If you can juggle a part-time job, extra curriculars, time with friends and still maintain a spot on the dean’s list, there’s a very good chance you’ll be able to handle your first entry level job after graduation.
Janelle Gonzalez ’09, ’10

You don’t have to be the president of every club and organization on campus. Find what you’re passionate about and stay committed to it.
Kelsey Brown ’17




Don’t let anything hold you back. Get involved. Go abroad and meet new people. You don’t want to look back on college and regret the things you didn’t do. These will be the best years of your life!
Nicole Hardenbrook ’16




Get involved in a campus organization that speaks to you and apply to become an orientation leader. Make sure faculty get to know you by your first name. Stay connected to the outside world and, if possible, study abroad. And, most of all, have fun. Best of luck, Class of 2019!
Louis Venturelli ’11

Snow, MicheleTry to find the organization that speaks to your passion, even if it takes you until senior year, and even if it has nothing to do with your career path or major. There are just so many opportunities at Quinnipiac to be part of a group of students that are all passionate about the same thing, and it’s an amazing dynamic to experience.
Michele Snow ’13, ’14


Hanson, NicoleGetting involved on campus is the best decision I’ve ever made. With more than 100 organizations at the university, there’s truly something for everyone here. Not only will you gain knowledge and skills outside of the classroom, but you’ll make friends for life that share your passions.
Nicole Hanson ’16



Sgro, NicoleOne of the best things I ever did during my time at Quinnipiac was take advantage of the many resources offered to jumpstart my career. Through career services, I was able to obtain a summer internships to learn and grow outside of the classroom. This allowed me to spark my career path quickly after graduation in a field that I truly enjoy. You have probably heard this a million times and if not let me be the first to tell you, if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life.
Nicole Sgro ’15

Bersey, NicoleDon’t be afraid to break out of your comfort zone and try something new. The opportunities you take advantage of may happen to lead you toward a new hobby or career you never imagined.
Nicole Bersey ’14



Powers, JoshClass of 2019: You have so much opportunity at your fingertips. Never underestimate the power of freshman year. It all starts right now. Be curious – every single day. You can learn from everyone you encounter. The next four years will be unlike any other time in your life. That being said, if you work toward what you truly enjoy doing, you’ll never really work a day in your life.
Josh Powers ’13


LoNero, FabioOne of the biggest things I’ve learned is the need to put ‘me’ first. In the years since graduating from Quinnipiac and starting my career, I’ve focused on getting my health in check. By incorporating healthier eating habits and fitness (CrossFit in my case), I’ve lost weight, reversed many potential health problems and have been better able to deal with the daily stresses that come in my field. I’ve also been able to make countless new friends who support me and push me to do better everyday. I’ve been able to use my position in journalism to reach out and help others who may also be struggling with weight loss by using both television and social media.
Fabio LoNero ’06

Rahaman Estes, FaadiaDon’t worry about things you cannot control. It is OK to not be the best at everything and even better to admit it. Give credit where it is due and treat others as you would like to be treated.

In this photo I am with two Special Olympians, Matt and Sammie, for a gift giving sponsored by Microsoft as they were our ambassadors for the 2015 Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles that occurred this summer!
Faadia Rahamen Estes ’13

Alfano, NicoleFour years of college doesn’t seem like a lot of time. But taking one semester to study abroad could be the best decision you ever make. Living in Barcelona opened my eyes to new adventures and new people that I never would’ve known. It’s one of the smartest choices I’ve ever made and I can’t imagine having not gone.
Nicole Alfano ’16


Farrell, AlexaIt’s OK if everything doesn’t go as you plan. College is about figuring out who you are, so if you don’t become best friends with your roommate or end up in a class you aren’t thrilled about, its OK! Enjoy the experience and take it for what it’s worth. You never know where you might end up because of it.
Alexa Farrell ’16




McNulty, KristinYou’ve heard it time and time again but college years truly are the most fun, most valuable and, seemingly, the most fleeting. Take time to foster new relationships. Make time for your studies and give time to a school activity or club. Be open to change and to the endless possibilities that await you, for this is the time that will shape you as a person and as a professional.
Kristin McNulty ’07


Corvi, ToniAnyone who tells you that you have to pick between Ray & Mike’s and Corner Deli is a liar. Go to all of the Acrobatics & Tumbling home meets – its the coolest sport on campus. Soak it all in. The moments you share with your roommates, friends and teammates are experiences you are never going to have again — from hiking Sleeping Giant and nights out in New Haven to lying out in the Quad people- watching and all-nighters in Arnold Bernhard (stocked up with candy from the Cafe).
Toni Corvi ’08


Connell, JennySurround yourself with people who reflect who you want to be. As a freshman, I looked up to the seniors in leadership roles and, by my senior year, I was one of those people. Pictured here are the trailblazers of 2011.
Jenny Connell ’11


Bernstein, SarahGet involved on campus. I was extremely nervous coming in as a freshman, but then I joined Q30 Television. Joining Q30 allowed me to gain an incredible learning experience that helped me land great internships and, ultimately, my first job after graduation. But not only that, I met the most amazing friends that I may not have met otherwise. Definitely get involved and make the most out of your time at Quinnipiac!
Sarah Bernstein ’15


dionneTake advantage of everything you can. Join groups and clubs. Meet people in your dorm. Go out on Wednesday nights. Don’t be afraid to take that random class you’ve been eyeing and don’t be embarrassed to change your major. You have four years to make the best friends you’ll ever know, to try new things, to go outside your comfort zone and to have the time of your life. Make the most of it and enjoy every minute. Good luck!
Bethany Dionne Allen ’06

davisYou’re at the beginning of the rest of your life. Love every moment of it; embrace every obstacle and opportunity it throws your way. College isn’t about finding a career as much as it is about finding your lifelong friends, your passions and yourself. So get out of your comfort zone, never leave room for regret and one of my biggest pieces of advice is befriend your professors. For me, my professors have become like second parents. They’re the best resources on campus for advice or help and are dedicating their lives to share their passions with people like you and me.
Rachel Davis ’17

stethoscope heartYou will scared to death, incredibly excited, overwhelmingly nervous and overbearingly happy — probably all at the same time.

Your life over the next four years unfolds in proportion to your courage.

You must jump, with two feet, into every opportunity that arises — you just never know what you might fall in love with.
Hannah Russell ’15

Sabato, ErinI would highly encourage you to take advantage of everything that not only Quinnipiac, but Connecticut has to offer! This is your new home. There is always something happening either on campus or in our surrounding communities. Theater to farmer’s market, art exhibits to public lectures. If you aren’t from Connecticut, you will love it here. If you grew up here, learn to see your home state from a new lens and perspective.
Erin Sabato ’06

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  1. Wow, very useful advice for freshman, not just for class of 2019 Quinnipiac but also all freshman world wide! Thank you for sharing 🙂 Looking forward for more useul information from this blog!

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