Move-in continues, but shuttles suspended due to snow

brundage-snow1Jan. 24, 2016 — The university is operating normally today.

Students may continue to move back on to our campuses, but are urged to be careful when traveling. Please call 203-582-8666 with any questions regarding the move-in process.

Shuttle services are operating normally today.

snowmanDo you want to build a snowman — or, more appropriately, a snow-bobcat? We’ll award a Bobcats prize pack to the most spirited Bobcats-inspired snow creation this weekend — and feature our favorites across our digital platforms. Simply tag #QUToday and @QuinnipiacU on Twitter and/or Instagram. Our students aren’t the only ones eligible for this competition. Alumni, incoming freshmen, faculty, staff, parents, siblings, sports fans, neighbors, you’re all encouraged to participate, too! Be safe. Have fun. And showcase your creativity, Bobcat Nation!

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