Prospective students prepare to craft their collegiate journeys

Few days have the potential to change lives as much as today, as we welcome thousands of prospective students to our campuses.

12783758_10153532285459423_2597884247716395241_o“I knew from the first moment I drove by the Mount Carmel Campus as a junior in high school,” Karla Natale ’99, an alumna and assistant vice president recalls. “But I really knew the day I came for an open house and heard the carillon. That was a defining moment. I knew any place that had such charm was the place for me!”

It’s a theme we hear often. Prospective students develop Bobcat fever at our junior open house as the sweet sounds of our clocktower waft throughout the shadow of the adjacent Sleeping Giant State Park.

“The campus was beautiful and the people were so nice; I immediately felt at home,” Shayna Rothschild ’15, who is now working in Hollywood said. “It was the best feeling and choosing Quinnipiac was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.”

It’s a feeling so many of our students feel immediately.

“I knew Quinnipiac was perfect for me when I felt at home within the first five minutes of my visit,” Caroline Moses ’16 said. “I would be thousands of miles from my own home, so feeling that comfortable so quickly was a tell-tale sign I chose the right school.”

Once our students tour our facilities and meet with our faculty and staff, there’s no turning back. “I knew Quinnipiac was for me when I saw how amazing the studios were,” recalls Cailyn Blonstein ’17, who is working this summer as a freelance associate producer at an award-winning television station. “Since I’m a journalism major, it seemed perfect to be going to a school with the most state-of-the-art technology and equipment — and I was so impressed when I learned my professors had worked for some of the most respected newspapers and TV stations.”

Enrolling at Quinnipiac is joining a dynamic community that will forever be part of your life.

By enrolling at Quinnipiac, you join a dynamic community that will forever be a part of your life. From orientation to commencement, your journey will be what you make of it. Later this week, dozens of passionate students and University leaders will come together to welcome our newest students to #BobcatNation during our first new-student orientation. Then in August, upperclass students will move first-year students into their residence halls when they will begin their legacy at Quinnipiac. Opportunities abound from conducting cutting-edge research with our industry-leading faculty experts, to having dinner with your favorite professor, to cheering on national championship-bound teams, to traveling around the world on service and educational trips in our world-sized classroom, to coming together to illuminate the quad one candle at a time in moments of darkness, to forming life-long friendships bound by common interests through our many student groups, to testing your skills in the real world through clinical and internship. All that’s left is to seize the moment.

Quinnipiac is a unique community that we are excited to be introducing to a new pack of potential Bobcats today.

How did you know Quinnipiac was the right place for you? Share your memories and read others on our Facebook page.

Here’s what a few other Bobcats have told us:

Jocelyn Dulanie ’13, ’15: “I knew QU was for me when I talked to someone at the Albert Schweitzer table at an open house. In addition to a great education, I had the opportunity to travel to new places and serve others — two things that were important to me in high school! Not to mention, I felt at home immediately when I stepped on campus, and could tell community was a focus at QU!” 

Tyler Cabral ’17: “Walking into senior year of college realizing that I’ve grown up into a completely different person than when I first stepped foot on campus as a college freshman has proven to me that I made best choice attending Quinnipiac for both my personal growth and my future career.”

Ashley Dawe ’19: “I knew QU was the right place for me when it was harder for me to leave my friends I’ve only known for eight months than it was for me to leave my friends and hometown of 18 years. The sense of community and the friendships that you create as well as the opportunities that are available at Quinnipiac assured me that I made the right decision when choosing my college.”

Ally Rosenfeld ’19: “As I first entered my freshman year here at Qunnipiac University, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know what was to come in terms of academics and socially, but I soon then came to realize how truly spectacular this University is. The endless support system from my professors and peers are the reasons why I have achieved so many of my goals. I am so blessed to be an English major, in the 5 year MAT program. Quinnipiac University has also showed me that if you set your mind to a goal, anything is possible. I am happy to say that I have ended my first year here successful with a sorority, genuine friends and making the Dean’s list in regards to my classes. I truly couldn’t think of another place to call my second home.”

Chase Montani ’15: “I knew Quinnipiac was the right place from me the moment I stepped on the Mount Carmel Campus. The location and layout of the campus had the small feel that I was looking for but the high ranks and Division I athletics gave me the sense that I was part of something bigger. Going to Quinnipiac was the best decision I could’ve made. I can’t imagine having a better experience anywhere else.”

Murphy Harrison Siegel ’18: “I knew Quinnipiac was right for me the first time I sat down with my advisor, Scott McLean. He genuinely was interested in what my aspirations were. He set me on a path and made me feel like more than just an assigned name. I consider him a role model and will definitely have him as a friend later on in life!”

Ally Brown ’20: “I knew Quinnipiac was the right place for me when I was a little 7 year old in the dining hall and saw the candy bar. My decision was reaffirmed during the Yale-QU game this past season. Truly can’t wait to be a Bobcat! Go QU!”

Danielle Radeke ’18: “I didn’t know a whole lot about Quinnipiac when I first looked into it, but I knew it was a great school for health sciences, especially nursing, so I knew it was worth checking out. My mom actually signed me up for the open house and I just went with it. But once I stepped on campus, I felt so welcomed. Faculty, staff, and students all took time out of their lives to talk to me, even if they weren’t obligated to. They didn’t just talk to me like they were trying to sell me something, but like they really wanted to learn about me and help me find my fit. It quickly became apparent that not only would I get a quality education at Quinnipiac, but this is a place I could really thrive. It felt like home. I came back to visit several times as I finished my high school career, and those visits only further confirmed that I was meant to be a Bobcat, and that I was going to find a home in Quinnipiac University. And I really have. I am proud to be an incoming junior nursing student and psych minor in the honors program who has accomplished so much more than I thought I ever could, all thanks to QU. I was crowned Miss Quinnipiac 2014-2015, was awarded the Outstanding Sophomore Award, sing the National Anthem at hockey and basketball games, and have been blessed with amazing leadership opportunities because of QU. Now, I work in admissions, guiding potential students that remind me a lot of me only a few years ago toward where they belong, and through this position I get to show how much I love my school and get to give back to the place that gave me so much! So in short, I sometimes say I didn’t choose Quinnipiac, Quinnipiac chose me, and ever since then, it’s been not just a school, but a home.”

Allie Otlowski ’18: “I knew Quinnipiac was the right place for me about a month into my freshman year. At that point so soon in the year, I was extremely comfortable in my classes, I was active in two organizations, and I made friends with people I feel I’m closer to now than anyone I was friends with in high school. It’s a beautiful school with a strong sense of community and professors willing to help their students to the best of their ability. In just two short years, I have grown to be a better student and person; all because of what Quinnipiac has to offer.”

Melissa Moynihan ’17: “I knew QU was the school I would call home after seeing the massive amount of technology and resources available to students! As a nursing student, technology is so incredibly important because it allows us to practice what to do in emergency situations, how to handle difficult situations, and of course practice the basics before performing them on a real live person. Every nursing program has a sim of two, but Quinnipiac has rooms of them that we are allowed to practice on and have different experiences with. I feel so lucky to have been able to call Quinnipiac my home for the last three years, and cannot wait to see what my senior year has in store.”

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