A Professor’s “Vacation” — Dr. Alexander Laskin

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 11.18.38 AMAs summer vacations wind down, so too do the summer efforts of QU faculty who have an unusual relationship with the months of June, July and August. Many spend the summer conducting research, writing, attending conferences and preparing to be challenging and up-to-date in the classroom come fall semester.

We continue “A Professor’s Vacation” with Dr. Alexander Laskin who has three active young sons running and playing in and out of his Cheshire home. That trio does not stop him from working to crack public relations mysteries and satisfying his appetite for controversial academic topics.

Dr. Laskin’s summer work is being supported by funds made available to faculty from the University and Dean Lee Kamlet’s office through the QU School of Communications Committee on Scholarship and Creative Works. These grants are competitively awarded to cover materials, equipment, travel and other expenses associated with this “vacation” work.

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