We are QUINN’terns – Rebecca Riina and Alana Perrotta

Just 11 miles from Quinnipiac University’s main campus is the home of Sports Debate Network in New Haven. This is where two students —Rebecca Riina and Alana Perrotta— spent their summer interning. Both rising senior broadcast journalism majors, Rebecca is from Ridgefield, Connecticut, and Alana from Old Bridge, New Jersey, the two worked closely together as reporters for the Connecticut Sun Women’s NBA team.

In the office, they prepared for basketball game days by researching statistics, learning about other teams and writing game preview stories. However, the New Haven office is not the only place where these two QUINN’terns spent their time. Rebecca and Alana attended and reported on each Connecticut Sun home game in the Mohegan Sun Arena. While they were in the field at Mohegan Sun, the two got to live tweet games, take pictures and attend the post-game press conference. After the game, they would return back to the office a and write stories and articles based on the performance of the Connecticut Sun players.

Alana adds, “Having the opportunity to report on the Connecticut Sun as a credentialed reporter has been my favorite part about the internship.” She and Rebecca were able to form relationships with the players by conducting interviews with players in the locker room. They had the opportunity to interview high-profile athletes like Breanna Stewart, Maya Moore, Sue Bird and Tina Charles. Both QUINN’terns say their internships have given them a great deal of “real world” experience in which they were able to put to use what they learned in the classroom.

“My time at Quinnipiac has prepared me for this internship by providing me with challenging course work,” Rebecca said. “My professors have given me the opportunity to work with camera equipment and provide helpful information regarding the interviewing process.”

Christian Vick is the founder of the Sports Debate Network and the supervisor for both of the QUINN’terns. He’s also a Quinnipiac alum who played for the men’s basketball team and graduated in 2005.

“I decided the only way that I was going to be able to get the opportunities that I was after —to be able to cover sports, get the insider access and communicate organic content to the world— was to start my own company,” Christian said. So he did. Sports Debate Network was founded in 2012 with the intention of giving highly motivated individuals an opportunity to break into the sports journalism industry. Christian says the QUINN’terns he oversees bring a “certain charisma to this company.”

Two QUINN’terns and a QU alumnus. Now THAT is a great Bobcat team!
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— reported, written, filmed and produced by Ayah Galal, journalism and political science double major, class of ‘18

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