QUINN’teresting to you (we hope)… Touring Television

Watching the noon newscast live in the studio where cameras are robotic and the news pros are friendly.

’Twas a quick Friday morning road trip down to New Haven for two car-loads of students eager to tour the WTNH/Channel 8 newsroom, studio and control room during the midday newscast. From freshmen to seniors, the students certainly got behind the scenes and had plenty of chances to have questions answered about the news of the day, the news industry and that place called the real world.

“WTNH is the station I regularly watch for my news at home, and to see everything behind the scenes gave me such a different perspective than what I had before on the station,” said journalism sophomore Kayla Hevey.

Channel 8 regularly hosts QUINN’terns and a crew from the station is coming to participate in Media MashUP on April 6th.

In the control with newscast producer Joyce Ogirri in the back corner to the right of the QU students. She is running the show while in the forefront, director/technical director Greg Massa makes it all happen while remaining unfazed by all the student q-and-a.

WTNH-TV News Director Keith Connors takes student questions in the station conference room following the 12-noon newscast.

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