I am a QUINN’tern — Well, we are!

The first step: introducing yourself and giving your best pitch (And business card!).

This QUINN’tern story starts, not surprisingly, at last fall’s QU Career Fair. There, public relations junior Gabriela Perrone and media studies sophomore Linda Vilay, were proactive and introduced themselves to Checkmate Creations Director of Strategic Partnerships Don Tirea. He was so impressed with their courage and skills set, he brought them both on as QUINN’terns this semester at the Hamden-based business that builds digital products for social entrepreneurs.

Gabriela and Linda have been hard at work there since the semester began, working on client research, meta tagging, website construction and software certification.

“Being at Checkmate (has) really opened my eyes about business,” Linda writes in her most recent weekly report, a requirement for the experiential learning class paired with her internship. “I can see how a lot of business is tied into the communications field.”

Adds Gabriela about her experience with Checkmate colleagues, “I like how they’re so willing to help or answer any questions I have. They make it exciting to come into work every day.”

Gabriela and Linda work on internal processes for onboarding of new clients at Checkmate Creations in Hamden, where they help guide the growth of a great idea, product or service.

Linda, on the right, says a lot of what she’s learning at Checkmate Creations she’s applying to her courses and assignments back on campus. Now THAT is an experiential learning win!

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