Quinnipiac University Wire http://blog.quinnipiac.edu The official blog of Quinnipiac University Fri, 12 Sep 2014 04:29:10 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://blog.quinnipiac.edu/?v= University honors victims of 9/11 http://blog.quinnipiac.edu/blog/2014/09/11/university-honors-victims-of-911/ http://blog.quinnipiac.edu/blog/2014/09/11/university-honors-victims-of-911/#comments Thu, 11 Sep 2014 22:23:14 +0000 http://blog.quinnipiac.edu/?p=5208 Read More ›]]> 091114-quremembers-002The university paid tribute to the victims and families affected by the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on Sept. 11 with a moment of remembrance at 8:46 a.m.

Members of the Quinnipiac community then participated in a silent flag-lowering ceremony as the leaders of our Student Veterans Organization lowered the flag outside the Carl Hansen Student Center to half-staff.

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Check your mailbox for Quinnipiac Magazine http://blog.quinnipiac.edu/blog/2014/09/11/check-your-mailbox-for-quinnipiac-magazine/ http://blog.quinnipiac.edu/blog/2014/09/11/check-your-mailbox-for-quinnipiac-magazine/#comments Thu, 11 Sep 2014 21:00:53 +0000 http://blog.quinnipiac.edu/?p=5203 Read More ›]]> CoverOur cover story explores some benefits of attending college, beyond academics. Consider sharing what you experienced here that has translated to your career and to your life after Quinnipiac. Perhaps Len Engel, who is marking 50 years here, or Dan Gooley, who just retired as head baseball coach, figured prominently in your college experience. Feel free to comment on these or any of the other stories.

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Quinnipiac tops list of ‘Safest Colleges in America’ for second consecutive year http://blog.quinnipiac.edu/blog/2014/08/20/quinnipiac-tops-list-of-safest-colleges-in-america-for-second-consecutive-year/ http://blog.quinnipiac.edu/blog/2014/08/20/quinnipiac-tops-list-of-safest-colleges-in-america-for-second-consecutive-year/#comments Wed, 20 Aug 2014 13:27:20 +0000 http://blog.quinnipiac.edu/?p=5198 Read More ›]]> Quinnipiac UniversityFor the second consecutive year, Quinnipiac University was named the safest college in America by University Primetime.

“To cal­cu­late this rank­ing, we researched the safety of col­leges through how many on and off cam­pus arrests there have been in recent years, if there have been any stu­dent deaths at the uni­ver­sity, and over­all any dig­ging we could do to really see which col­lege really is the safest,” the site reports.

Please click here to see the full list.

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White coat ceremony marks start of medical school journey http://blog.quinnipiac.edu/blog/2014/08/11/white-coat-ceremony-marks-start-of-medical-school-journey/ http://blog.quinnipiac.edu/blog/2014/08/11/white-coat-ceremony-marks-start-of-medical-school-journey/#comments Mon, 11 Aug 2014 14:58:07 +0000 http://blog.quinnipiac.edu/?p=5195 Read More ›]]> whitecoat-001

President John L. Lahey told the 90 Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine students, selected from more than 5,200 applicants, that they enter the field at one of the most challenging and transformative periods in the history of health and medicine. Read more: http://bit.ly/quwhitecoat | Watch the video: http://bit.ly/quwhitecoatvideo (Photo by John Hassett.)

The 90 members of Quinnipiac University‘s Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine‘s Class of 2018 received white coats and stethoscopes on Aug. 7 and lots of inspiration to start their journey from medical students to physicians.

President John L. Lahey told the group, selected from more than 5,200 applicants, that they enter the field at one of the most challenging and transformative periods in the history of health and medicine.

School of Medicine Dean Bruce Koeppen noted they are not here to compete against each other, but to learn from each other. “Medicine today is a team sport, and you must learn to behave as members of a team,” he said.

Dr. Kristine M. Lisi, director of the Family Health Center at St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport, Connecticut, the medical school’s principal clinical partner, delivered the keynote address. She told students the white coat symbolizes knowledge, professionalism, purity and cleanliness, but also can initiate fear and can be a barrier between doctor and patient.

“But don’t let it. You define your white coat, it does not define you,” she said. While professors can teach the science of medicine, where problems can be solved with almost no emotion, nobody can teach the art of medicine, she said.

Please click here to read more at www.quinnipiac.edu.

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‘Conan’ intern develops new skills set as part of QU in LA program http://blog.quinnipiac.edu/blog/2014/07/30/conan-intern-develops-new-skills-set-as-part-of-qu-in-la-program/ http://blog.quinnipiac.edu/blog/2014/07/30/conan-intern-develops-new-skills-set-as-part-of-qu-in-la-program/#comments Wed, 30 Jul 2014 16:25:15 +0000 http://blog.quinnipiac.edu/?p=5185 Read More ›]]> Taylor Roberts interns with Conan O'Brien behind the scenes of the Conan show.

Taylor Roberts, an intern at ‘Conan,’ smiles for a photo outside the studio.

Taylor Roberts, a senior media studies major in the School of Communications at Quinnipiac, has spent her summer practicing the skills she learned in the university’s Ed McMahon Mass Communications Center. Roberts is completing internships at “Conan” and Station 3 Entertainment as part of the Quinnipiac in Los Angeles program.

“It was extremely fun, and I learned a lot of cool skills and tricks,” Roberts said.

QU in LA is a year-round program for the university’s undergraduate and graduate students that incorporates an internship and coursework while living in Los Angeles.

Students major in a variety of disciplines, including computer information systems, finance, accounting, marketing and advertising, journalism, public relations, film, video and interactive media, game and digital design, theater production, and more.

“Station 3 Entertainment is a production development company where I read scripts for potential projects,” said Roberts. “At ‘Conan,’ I worked in the general production department. Here, I interacted with all departments and aspects of the show. I observed rehearsals daily and contributed feedback on the material. I also got to assist with administrative duties and helped with research on potential guests for the show.”

Taylor Roberts took trapeze lessons in her down time on the Santa Monica pier.

Taylor Roberts took trapeze lessons in her down time on the Santa Monica Pier.

The program has given her new insight and a broader perspective on the entertainment industry, Roberts said.

“I did a lot of exploring,” she said. “I saw a lot of different famous people, and I even got to see different sets for many different shows and movies.”

In her downtime, Roberts said she tried to take advantage of all the West Coast offered.

“In my free time, I took flying trapeze lessons on the Santa Monica Pier,” she said. “I have always been interested in gymnastics, and the circus so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to learn.”

Roberts said she encourages anyone interested in a career in film to take advantage of the Quinnipiac in Los Angeles program.

“LA is the heart of entertainment and fame,” she said. “There is always something fun and exciting going on, whether it’s a movie premiere or another fun event. It’s more than just an internship; it’s a wonderful experience. Los Angeles is truly a magical city.”

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University awarded $652,000 grant to assist doctor of nursing practice program students http://blog.quinnipiac.edu/blog/2014/07/15/university-awarded-652000-grant-to-assist-doctor-of-nursing-practice-program-students/ http://blog.quinnipiac.edu/blog/2014/07/15/university-awarded-652000-grant-to-assist-doctor-of-nursing-practice-program-students/#comments Tue, 15 Jul 2014 21:06:48 +0000 http://blog.quinnipiac.edu/?p=5176 Read More ›]]> Nursing students practice their skills in the health assessment lab on our North Haven Campus.

Nursing students practice their skills in the health assessment lab on our North Haven Campus.

The School of Nursing at Quinnipiac University has been awarded a $652,000 grant that will be used to support underrepresented students in its doctor of nursing practice program.

The Health Resources and Services Administration awarded Quinnipiac an Advanced Education Nursing Traineeship Program grant, which was created to increase the number of advanced education nurses trained to practice as primary care providers and/or nursing faculty to address the nurse faculty shortage. The grant runs from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2016.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for our students,” said Laima Karosas, clinical associate professor and director of the nurse practitioner and post MSN programs at Quinnipiac. “This grant will be used for nurse practitioner education, especially nurse practitioners who want to work in primary care.”

Read the full story at www.quinnipiac.edu.

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Simulation lab offers students realistic lessons in patient care http://blog.quinnipiac.edu/blog/2014/07/14/simulation-lab-offers-students-realistic-lessons-in-patient-care/ http://blog.quinnipiac.edu/blog/2014/07/14/simulation-lab-offers-students-realistic-lessons-in-patient-care/#comments Mon, 14 Jul 2014 19:46:15 +0000 http://blog.quinnipiac.edu/?p=5159 Read More ›]]> Mechanical Mannequin

State-of-the-art technology offers students real-life experiences in simulation labs.

Quinnipiac University’s state-of-the-art North Haven Campus wasn’t the only aspect that intrigued senior nursing major Suzanne Falconer. What really caught her attention were in the halls of the School of Health Sciences, lying in hospital beds.

“I remember as a freshman seeing the mechanical mannequins while touring the North Haven Campus,” Falconer said. “I thought they were really impressive, but a little creepy since they have an abundance of realistic features. After touring many other schools, these mannequins were really something that made Quinnipiac stand out.”

The university’s Center for Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences houses six adult, two pediatric and one birthing High-Fidelity Patient Simulators that mimic a variety of symptoms and health issues, from asthma to cardiac arrest – and even death.

“The goal of the sim lab is to make the environment as realistic as possible,” said Darlene Rogers, lab coordinator in the School of Nursing.

Nursing undergraduate and graduate students are able to treat the mechanical patients with medication, oxygen and intravenous fluid infusions while their professors are able to control parameters such as respirations, heart-rate and blood pressure while speaking in a microphone as the mannequin from an adjoining room.

“The mannequins help us work on our skills prior to entering the field so we have an opportunity to become comfortable interacting and communicating with patients and peers in a real-life scenario,” said Falconer.

Students are able to assess their work by viewing footage captured by a 360-degree camera located in the simulated hospital room and then discuss their approaches with professors.

“The debriefing is where the learning takes place.  It allows students the opportunity to learn from their successes and failures in the lab,” Rogers said.

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Journalism professor describes World Cup fever in Germany http://blog.quinnipiac.edu/blog/2014/07/14/journalism-professor-describes-world-cup-fever-in-germany/ http://blog.quinnipiac.edu/blog/2014/07/14/journalism-professor-describes-world-cup-fever-in-germany/#comments Mon, 14 Jul 2014 13:32:00 +0000 http://blog.quinnipiac.edu/?p=5162 Read More ›]]> Ben Bogardus, assistant professor of journalism in the School of Communications at Quinnipiac, said watching the World Cup Final in Munich, Germany was an experience he will not soon forget.

Ben Bogardus, assistant professor of journalism in the School of Communications at Quinnipiac, said watching the World Cup Final in Munich, Germany was an experience he will not soon forget.

By Ben Bogardus
Assistant Professor of Journalism, School of Communications

MUNICH, Germany — When I planned a summer trip to Germany, I didn’t know I’d land right in the middle of the country’s biggest sports story of the year.

Germany won the World Cup as I stood in a bier garten in Munich, watching it on a big screen, with a big crowd of chanting and singing Germans, most of whom were drinking from big mugs of beer.

Soccer is an obsession with many Germans. Being here for the championship was much more intense than any Super Bowl Sunday or Olympics I’ve experienced at home.  The entire nation seemed to care deeply about the game.

I saw flags hanging from bedroom windows and cars roofs all week long. Store windows had special displays. And on Sunday night, streets all around the city were empty, except for the overflow crowds gathered outside bars and bier gartens, watching the game. After all, it was more than just a soccer match. National pride was at stake.

Leading up to the kickoff, I also saw some familiar things on German television.

Many of the same “big game” elements I’ve produced for American TV news were on full display. Stations had special World Cup sets, graphics and animations. They also seemed to have the same problem that U.S. stations have: how to fill time.

On the way to the bier garten, for instance, I passed a news crew doing MOS (man on the street) interviews.

My German is poor, but I imagine the reporter was asking questions like, “why did you come out tonight?” “Are you rooting for Germany?” and “what do you think of the crowds?” at the request of some poor newscast producer, forced to work on the night of the game and fill a show before the game began.

During the week, the news was filled with live shots from Brazil, often with the reporter standing in the dark because of the five-hour time difference.

Analysts spent time breaking down the players, players, and statistics. There were even fun features, like the one about a man who built a giant paper mache World Cup trophy, put it on top of his car, and drove it around town. This isn’t to say that other news didn’t exist. It just took a back seat to the story “everyone is talking about” — just like on many local newscasts in the U.S.

Finally, on a side note, I was wearing a Quinnipiac T-shirt during the game.  The QU blue and gold were the closest thing I had in my suitcase to the German flag’s black, gold and red!

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Quinnipiac prepared double alumnus for a successful career http://blog.quinnipiac.edu/blog/2014/07/07/quinnipiac-prepared-double-alumnus-for-a-successful-career/ http://blog.quinnipiac.edu/blog/2014/07/07/quinnipiac-prepared-double-alumnus-for-a-successful-career/#comments Mon, 07 Jul 2014 18:42:57 +0000 http://blog.quinnipiac.edu/?p=5152 Read More ›]]> Chris Kurker-Stewart

Quinnipiac prepared Chris Kurker-Stewart for career as a successful lawyer.

Chris Kurker-Stewart ’05, Law ’08 has always had a passion for helping others.

When he was in high school and college, Kurker-Stewart braved flames and maneuvered crash sites as a volunteer firefighter to rescue those in dire straits. More recently, he prepared Quinnipiac students for successful careers as an adjunct professor of legal studies in the College of Arts and Sciences at Quinnipiac University while working full-time as an attorney.

Kurker-Stewart, who earned a law degree and bachelor’s degrees in legal studies and history, is now an attorney for the State of Connecticut’s Office of Higher Education.

Quinnipiac taught me how to relate to all kinds of people and experiences,” he said. “Between undergrad and law school, I had many opportunities to involve myself in the world around Quinnipiac in a meaningful, hopeful and helpful way.”

Through eclectic experiences at the university and several internships, Kurker-Stewart was able to build a strong foundation.

“Being a member of Students Against Destructive Decisions and The Chronicle have given me a desire to be a part of something with a mission or goal,” he said.

Quinnipiac inspired Kurker-Stewart to help students who want to learn and grow.

“I enjoy helping Connecticut’s students,” the Glastonbury native said. “I have worked at law firms representing individuals, sometimes in education-related matters, and here at my job, I have the ability to help students and ensure schools provide quality education on a greater scale.”

Kurker-Stewart enjoys staying involved by teaching legal studies courses at Quinnipiac as well as hosting legal studies interns at his agency.

“Try different things,” Kurker-Stewart said he encourages his students. “Now is the time to shape your future.”

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Physician assistant student organizes free asthma camp http://blog.quinnipiac.edu/blog/2014/07/07/physician-assistant-student-organizes-free-asthma-camp/ http://blog.quinnipiac.edu/blog/2014/07/07/physician-assistant-student-organizes-free-asthma-camp/#comments Mon, 07 Jul 2014 15:19:17 +0000 http://blog.quinnipiac.edu/?p=5148 Read More ›]]> Nicole Cottle

Nicole Cottle is organizing a free asthma camp for kids.

A physician assistant student at Quinnipiac University is offering a free asthma camp for children between the ages of 6-12 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 2 on the North Haven Campus, 370 Bassett Road.

“The goal of the asthma camp is to give special attention to each child and focus on the positives of this chronic illness,” said Nicole Cottle, the physician assistant student organizing the camp as part of her being named a Paul Ambrose Scholar. “I believe the camp will be a great success for the underserved children of the greater New Haven area.”

The camp will include a range of activities, including ones that will teach the children how to manage their asthma, a lifelong disease that causes wheezing, breathlessness, chest tightness and coughing.

For more information, please visit www.quinnipiac.edu

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